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Good write-up but

Their promise that EPC token is going to rocket is unethical

There is zero promise or guarantee in the article if you read it carefully, or I assume the unethical is referring to the “clickbaity” title.

The biggest issue with Epicdice is that they are frequently down for maintenance

If a service keeps going into maitenance mode for bug solving and upgrade. It is a huge green sign for me that rapid development is going on the site and it shows that the team care for a better service. Furthermore, at least 95% of the downtime were scheduled with prior notice in the Discord channel. Will you take a look on the Discord #help channel and check out when was the last time user filed a missing bet complaint? One month ago. That is the result of “frequently down for maintenance”.

there are numerous users who complain of extreme unlucky streaks.

If this article are deemed to be written from the perspective of a neutral association but not a personal review, I’d call this statement amateur. At least all the other claims in this article were base on fact, but not this one.

What numbers can you provide to back this statement up? What was the survey model? How many subjects were involved in this survey? How would you prove the “provably-fair” system in the game is not fair at all? What happens if there are another "numerous of players" claiming that have been really lucky on the game? Will it makes the game legit all of a sudden?

I don’t like the underlying message this statement has been delivered to the crowd, it is suggesting the game is at “potential risk” of fairness integrity without any factual support.

Servant of EpicDice


First of all, I appreciate your response it shows you care about the community and your associate's reputation and business.

  1. The post did have a clickbait title but many people only read the title. I am sure you understand that the main principal of tokens/coins is don't speculate on the price unless you consider it a security and really know what you are talking about. Implying that it will rocket is market manipulation, especially when the article is written by an insider who doesn't have the proper disclosures. EPC is too good for clickbait, don't make it seem trashy. Let's just agree that that title was misleading.

  2. Your site underwent a major change today and I agree that it is new and maintenance is a good thing to fix critical issues. The point is that there has been frequent downtime and I am not lying about it. In time I will not mention this as being an issue, but it will take at least a week or so of little to no downtime before I remove this warning. Why don't we let users decide if frequent downtime is good or bad, I am just stating facts. I was not talking about missing bets, just that Epicdice has been down for frequent maintenance meaning it is still Beta or version 1.0

  3. Please see the comment by @ervin-lemark below in the comments, I have also had this issue, so has @abitcoinskeptic and a few others I've talked to who I'd rather not dig up. You can call it an amateur statement but I get paid to work with numbers and have a couple of professional degrees in applied mathematics. I can start showing screenshots of bad luck if you wish and bid them up if you prefer them not to look so amateur. I'd rather not get into this data mining debate but you started it.

For example, right now the payout is showing 236 Steem, the house rakes it 2% and keeps 50% of that, so that means 23600 Steem should have been bet, but the daily wager volume is only 11728. Most bets are small so there have been at least 10k events by my estimate, eliminating any outliers since your max bet size is capped. Why hasn't the law of averages taken effect? Please explain this discrepancy. I don't believe your site is 'provably fair' because for the house to be up twice as much as expected after so many events is extremely rare. It's really funny because the numbers are proving my point at this exact moment.

Provably fair is also a BS statement, unless we hire a third party auditor to check your website regularly, there is absolutely no basis to the claim that the algorithms which you claim to be fair are always running, the numbers right now sure show otherwise and as stated by myself, a few others and even in the comments below, I am not the only one to have made this 'amateur' claim.

Proof of facts that the house is winning an insane amount or 2x the expect rate after at least 10k events, screenshot was taken at 2019-06-12 at 23.12.30 EST convenient it's right now and I didn't cherry pick this.
Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 23.12.30.png

My sample size is almost 12k Steem bet. Your game will become legit once I see the numbers making sense because right now they don't.

Now that I have answered your questions, please answer mine.

  • At first in this post here you promised a 12.5% referral commission permanently, now in your FAQ it says 10%. Please explain why you dropped it today, or am I misinterpreting the word permanently? That's a huge broken promise and although I like your changes this shows we still cannot trust Epicdice. Don't make me change this Neutral rating to a warning. -1 point for breaking a promise!

I may have to move you to my warning list if you don't provide factual support of provably fairness, disclose who you are , or explain why it's okay to change the referral structure to 10% after permanently promising 12.5% I am trying to warn people of shady behavior here, you clearly don't have the moral high ground.

Sorry for ranting, nothing personal

Is there a simple way to extract the transactions from the blockchain? I can't use at the moment where this is easily doable. I can show the numbers. I just need a way to extract them...

Steempeak can do it too :)

Here is the losing streak from a month ago. Nine in a row. Then I stopped ...

First five in reverse order

Second four in reverse order

mathematically very plausible: below 45 means a 55% chance losing, a 9 losing streak means the probability is (55%)^9 = 0.46% ... seems not too rare a case. FYI.

True. I didn't complain, I didn't say anything else than that this was a long losing streak.

Hm, on the second thought and please ignore my math ignorance :)

0.55 ^ 9 = 0.0046

Is this 0.0046% or 0.46% probability?

It is 0.46% ->

Which is, in my personal opinion, a very small probability. Especially when you are on the losing end :)

It happens 😂😂

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(1) Claiming a possession of several mathematical qualifications and you were ranting about deviation with the minimal sample of 12k volume in a single day to call the game shady? Those qualifications just got disqualified shamefully. Do yourselves and the community a favor, study how to query the blockchain data, in/out of fund to the @epicdice, you will find out the earning is very close and will be getting closer to 2%. But that requires high level of data analytic skills and at this point of time I don’t think you are capable of it, since you don’t even seem to get the fundamental of how stat should be treated.


”Provably fair is also a BS statement, unless we hire a third party auditor to check your website regularly, there is absolutely no basis to the claim that the algorithms which you claim to be fair are always running”

The intention of SGA is very good and we are really looking towards it, but it obviously not going to happen under your lead. This statement proves you know NOTHING about how blockchain works and we are not even talking about gambling now. And again do yourself a favor, don’t talk or talk less about what you literally had no idea of. The randomness generation is provable and always auditable at all time since the answer is relying in here. Yet, I don’t think you are capable of doing any of it.


And the best thing is you get to earn the user's referral bonus permanently, until the new user switch to using other's referral link.

I’m not sure which part of it makes you think that the 12.5% is promised to be permanent. Now I’m too afraid to start a language comprehension class but I will try. It meant that as long as there is referral bonus and a player have a referred user under him, that referral relationship is tied up permanently until the switch.

The house is free to adjust whatever bonus rate in referral, even to totally cut it off in future when they have a better use of that fund in another marketing plan. This is BONUS, and bonus meant to be adjustable at all time. You don't go to a cafe downstairs and haggle with the birthday treats.

True integrity withstands any tests. I’m not the owner of EpicDice and I don’t have the final call on the stand of the game, but I guess it doesn’t matter since you started the threat. I’m replying mainly to deliver this message. You are free to put the game to whatever trash category and EpicDice will not subject to any kind of threat.

SGA will not serves its purpose if it is running by someone who don’t even know how blockchain works. I hereby personally deny the authority of SGA that is running by you.

(This is apparently personal.)

  1. You didn't attack my argument and screenshot which showed a clear deviation between the house winning and aggregate bets, instead you attacked anothers players losing streak. Bold move. As it stands now the house is up over 600 with 22k bet, meaning the house is winning almost 3 times as much as expected. Yes I am very worried with these aggregate numbers. Please explain how this is possible? Use some math and please don't insult my intelligence, it's poor customer service. I understand a few unlucky deviants can lose at max bet, when will Epicdice lose these deviants? Your odds already aren't the best.

  2. You claim to have very good intentions but recognize that you are operating in a gray zone. Unless your earnings are going to charity I don't think the intentions are for anything other than profit. Don't hide behind a superior knowledge of the almighty blockchain, you can change your structure and odds at anytime and already have.

  3. Yes I agree Epicdice can change whatever they want whenever they want. Changing the referral bonus was nothing more than the house deciding to take another 2.5% stake away from the players, it makes it that much worse to gamble on Epicdice. Good intentions or greedy intentions?

By you I mean Epicdice.

By the way, why are you attacking me personally? Have you ever worked in customer service before? You just lost a customer and made an enemy.

Epicdice has lousy odds compared to Kryptogames, you will lose twice as much money playing dice there. Fact.

Now I've said it, please let me know why a 2% house edge is justified over a 1% edge?

Can you please send me a CSV file or excel file of every single roll today in order of the rolls. I just need the outcomes and bets, don't care about the player names. Leave it in the steem gamblers discord.

Also, I fail to see the connection between running a gamblers association and blockchain knowledge. I'm here to fight for players rights. We deserve to know the expected return and what has been happening.

The house owes us an explanation if they wish to have our business, not the other way around. Epicdice just reduced the commission it pays to players who refers other players by 20%, it's a big greedy FU.

I responded to everything. We can do this all day but what good does this bring? Communication with you is too ineffective when the gap of understanding is too far apart.

By you I mean you.

Because you are just speaking for your own from a very biased perspective which I respect fully and have no opinion about, but that is absolutely not cool when you trying to input that tone from a position you trying to force yourself into, a neutral and authentic authority. You are not even close to for taking up that responsibility.

Keep reading keep studying probably is the best advice I could give you for achieving what you want to achieve, a good cause, maintaining the integrity of blockchain gambling industry. You have all my respect for that dream.

However, before you are ready, owning an officially-named account, tagging tons of influential people, is not going to work out. Pretend to be an influencer is the worst path to be an influencer. People are attracted to valuable quality, shine it to them and they shall follow.

Have a good day, my friend.

Say what you will, I appreciate the dialogue.

You still haven't justified why the house dropped the referrals from 12.5% to 10%, which benefits the house more than the players by a vast margin. You just said, "The house is free to adjust whatever bonus rate in referral, even to totally cut it off in future ." Yes, you can do whatever you want, it doesn't make it right or fair.

Go ahead, insult my education, communication and math skills, if it makes you feel superior, it makes you look arrogant. I am not an influencer as I am not trying to sell anything; I just want to warn people not to trust anything in a trustless environment-especially with the recent scandals.

I never claimed to do anything except to provide information about gambling sites, to question them and provide a forum for discussion and debate. I am not here for the gambling sites, I am here for the gamblers and am absolutely biased in favour of the players unlike you who is here solely for profit and to defend the house.

I'm not your friend, I don't know who you are, all I know is that you are super defensive for an unlicensed anonymous online casino. I am here to serve the players, not the house. If the players choose not to listen to me and would rather trust you, that's their own choice.

Arrogance is not an attractive quality.

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