Hello! I'm Tomasz, the guy who made George Ought to Help

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Hello, I'm Tomasz Kaye. I make anti-political propaganda animations. The ones you're most likely to have heard of are George Ought to Help and its sequels. In case you don't know them, here they are:

I grew up in the UK, and now I'm based in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

I made George Ought to Help in my spare evenings and published it in 2010. I was happily surprised by how well it was received and shared. Based on George's success I was able to use crowd-funding to fund subsequent animations. Right now I'm using my Patreon page to help fund making new things.

I'm happy to accept the label Propagandist.

I'm certainly involved in making media designed to influence opinion. I think the strongest propaganda doesn't need to mislead or deceive. In my video work my motivation is to try to communicate what I take to be the most important ideas of liberty, in as compelling and seductive a way as possible, to people who haven't given them much thought before.

Aside from funding, I also rely on community involvement to vet new scripts and make them stronger, perhaps I'll use Steemit.com to enlist help with that in the future too.

I use a bunch of software to make my videos, most prominently: Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After effects and Premiere Pro. Adobe Illustrator is important too. A bunch of other software gets used less frequently too: Blender, Ableton Live, Unity. One day it'd be very convenient to buy a big Cintiq. I'm not allergic to questions about technique and tools, so please shoot if you'd like to know more about something in particular.

Next to my self-initiated and crowdfunded work I occasionally work with Learn Liberty, and more recently Marginal Revolution University too. Great people working at both those organisations.

When I'm not working on animations I'm probably doing game development. Currently I'm working on a 3-8 player abstract racing game called Chalo Chalo with Richard Boeser (the ibb & obb guy). That's a lot of fun. It looks like this.

Steemit.com is a fascinating project. I'm enjoying learning about it.

That's it for now. The first 'release candidate' version of my newest crowd-funded animation is rendering as I type. I'm excited to share it with you all soon!

Twitter verification: https://twitter.com/mormo_music/status/763444570516520960

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Welcome to steemit mate!

Hi @bitbutter! Just wanted to let you know that my new post "The 40 anarchists you want to follow on Steemit!" is up, and you're on the list :-) You can find it here


Very kind, thanks!

Hey Tomasz. I love these videos that you have made. I've shared them with many people and it always causes them to think, or, at the very least, created a great jumping off point for a conversation. You should come on our podcast sometime if you are interested!


Hey @loganarchy, Thanks! Podcast sounds interesting. If we did that would you guys be fine with me recording the exchange too and uploading to my channels?


Of course! I'm not sure where you are located but my co-host and I are based out of California. We usually record our show live through hangouts on air on thursdays at 7PM PST.


Ah, shame. That's 4am for me! I won't be able to swing that in the foreseeable future.


Ah dang. I figured as much. Keep up the videos though. Anytime I share them, the response is positive.

Thanks for turning me onto this site! I've loved your videos for ages now and can't wait to see the next one.



Hey! Glad you checked it out. Interesting huh?

You're animations and message are incredible, and you should be very proud.


That's encouraging to hear, thanks @mattclarke!