Hi, I'm Bibi the Binance Coin!

Bibi Hello

I am delighted to begin my journey on Steemit.

I'll be stopping by on Steemit every now and then to share Binance CEO - CZ's thoughts and other in-depth Binance-related articles.

I've already posted a few times - don't forget to follow me for more updates!

So Bibi, what is Binance?

Bibi Confused

You may already know of Binance as an exchange. But it's so much more than that! Binance is an entire ecosystem, that at time of writing is comprised of:

Check out our 6-month review below to see how far Binance has come already.

6 Month Review

Right, I must head back to work now.
I look forward to coming back soon with more content for you all.

6 Month Review

Thank you all for reading!

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I love Binance. I’ve been seeing you on telegram. Binance actively on Steemit and other social media platforms really shows how much they care. You will never get that dedication from Bittrex. I recommend Binance to anyone. Would Binance return the love and list SBD?


100% support you! Binance is great exchange, and they do a great job posting on Steemit! Look at the views - 15, 602. Obviously this is not from people already registered on Steemit. It's from outside traffic, google and so on.

I guess it is time to register on Binance.

The links in this post should NOT BE USED until Binance verifies this account. So far I have not been able to find ANY VERIFICATION ON BINANCE THAT THIS IS A REAL ACCOUNT.

As far as we know, this could have been the source of the recent phishing attempt.

Apologies if this is real, if so, please put links on the official Binance site.




APOLOGIES! I have just verified this is real, Binance have added a Steemit logo to the bottom right hand of their footer :-)



Hi, friend. It's amazing to have you here with us. Do explore and have fun. @greatness96 says WELCOME TO STEEMIT

Haha! Funny! I love Binance! Good luck!

Definitely my favorite centralized exchange. Binance proved itself in the recent FUD cycle. Welcome to steemit! :)

Love me some binance! Keep up the great posts

Dig the creativity and it is true what Bibi is saying those reports keep making binance look like it’s going to be gunning for number one exchange in the years to come


Binance is already #1 exchange, says so in the article above, and also you can look it up here...
as we write, Binance has $2.2 billion traded last 24 hours vs #2 OKEX at $1.8bn and BitFinex $1.4 bn.
Kucoin is Binance's closest "brother" and is only $70 mm (or $0.070 billion to use the notation we used for Binance).

Binance is the best!

Hi Bibi the Binance coin you terrify me and I feel like you will haunt people in their sleep
Otherwise we can get along Cheers :)


Aaaaaaawwwww!!! Poor little anthropomorphic coin symbol. Don't worry, I would give you hugs, and pray that you don't chew my liver out in my sleep.


Oh no @freedomno1, look what you've done!

Don't worry, little Binance coin, you'll be safe in my wallet.


I'll just do my best to think of you as a strawberry flavored eggo waffle in my sleep :D


Hi, everyone!!! I love crypto and hope to be getting some steemit content going soon. Don't you just love this ad free platform and Bibi? Binance is an amazing platform so is steemit. Glad to see such a great community being built. I hope to get some content up soon, follow on steemit and on twitter @CryptoNTits - Where we post the best crypto news and some lovely tits! I'll let all of you know when we get some content up, Great job Binance!

Welcome. I love Binance as well.

will you be opening a portal to the SteemBlockChain?


I read that some time ago.
What I mean is will Bittrex, BlockTrades, poloniex, and openledger (and perhaps other exchanges that I'm unaware of) have accounts on Steemit .

Will Binance or will we need to use BlockTrades?


Binance has accounts under the names @deepcrypto8 (where your transfers to the binance exchange go when you send them) and @binance-hot (where the funds seem to be being transferred and stored afterwards - about 2million Steem in there currently).




Sorry, I don’t understand your question. This is a post from the Binance exchange, and they obviously have an account here since they are posting with it. They support STEEM on their exchange now, so they are interfering with the Steem blockchain. What would you need to BlockTrades for that isn’t supported by Binance?


they answered my question . (see above)


This is awesome! Look forward to seeing more posts! I have been looking into using Binance for some tokens I am interested in.

Brlliant steps. Binance is a blockchain ecosystem.

Welcome, @binanceexchange!

You know what would be really cool? If you offered SBD trading.

Even better? Offer an interface that allows Steemit users to seamlessly trade SBD and Steem for other popular cryptos.


What would be even cooler? If Binance would lower their insane withdraw fees.

Welcome to the steem blockchain!

This is your chance Binance. Deliver good support and you can get a lot of Customers.
I love your transparancy btw.

Thanks for coming here. Now I am more likely to get your timely announcements than on facebook.

Binance is becoming my favorite exchange by far. I started off with Kraken and then moved to Cryptopia for the coin selection. I can't believe it tool me this long to make it to Binance, but not that I have my account set up I'm moving all of my trading there. The fees are amazing as is the platform! Great work Binance!!!

So we have an exchange that can compete with the team with the other big exchange that starts with a B. I have a feeling I shouldn't bet against Bibi 🙄.

Welcome to Steemit. Thanks for sharing.

Binance has been my first and if it goes like this, the last exchange. :)

Ok, I do like Binance, and I do like that they introduce themselves with a mascot here. :) Yes, we all had small heart attacks during the recent outage, but I think they handled it as best they could have with the update frequency instead of going dark on communications. Now there is a mascot!

Now that you've found steemit, will you be developing a decentralized exchange on EOS?

Welcome Bibi. I love Binance as well!!!

And I thought it was already on steemit...


Certainly not a coincidence that you guys added Steem a few days ago to the Binance Exchange :-D

Why didn't you guys add Steem dollars?

Great Job @binanceexchange. Keep up good work!!!

Welcome. I love Binance as well.

Great job Binance! Keep it up!

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How can we transfer our SBDs to Binance? What account name should we write while transferring our Steem/SBDs?

Welcome on steamit Bibi !

Welcome to steemit.

Hope Bibi has a good sidekick!

Welcome here, i have an account on binance :)

$BNB Priceless

I think Binance token is undervalued because CMEgroup has a $52.6B valuation although they handle only $15.6M a day on average (binance does $1B-10B) and they are only in the 12,000's on alexa rankings. Binance is 250th.

Love $BNB. Great coin and a great exchange. Keep up the good work.

Hi Binance , i see a tutorial about your site few days ago & welcome to steemit family

Love Binance ! Trade a lot there ! :)

Tweeted BIBI! ^_^

Awesome the binance coin is here, I’m a fan of BNB :)

Binance is the only exchange that offers really fast processing and overall speed transactions.

I think your view is great.

After seeing first hand how CZ and his team handled the recent outage, there is not other exchange that is even close to how far Binance has come. Glad to see they're expanding their ecosystem; their future is blindingly bright! Keep up the good work!

I would NEVER shill my favorite exchange... in hopes to get people to sign up, so I could receive 50% of his/her trading fees as commission.

Once I get fully verified on Binance that will be my #1 exchange of choice, the FUD won't stop me from choosing the best 😉

Welcome, I love Binance. Now I hardly buy any altcoin that is not listed on binance

if they adjust the withdrawal fees I'll LOVE more, in this way encourage the peoples to take coin out from exchange

Welcome! Binance is 100% the way forward!

Looking forward to more of your posts

P.S The characyer is super cute!

Hola. Bienvendio. seria ideal que todas las personas nuevas nos siguiéramos y votemos, así nos apoyaríamos entre si. Saludos y éxitos. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@jrz/steemit-una-herramienta-para-crecer



I wish you all the best.

Feel free to check out my blog @maxdigi. This way we can support each other in the future.


Hi Bibi, this is wonderful I'm wondering if you intend to list SBD too in your exchange. That will be great!

wow this is awesome ive already started trading steem to binance and it provides faster transactions, keep us updated. thank you ;)

Welcome here Bibi! I have heard about Binance way before but never actually paid attention. Now that I have read your introduction, I would have to check it out.

Binance is definitely my number 1 exchange for cryptocurrency. Hope you guys continue on innovating and listing useful coins.

Welcome to Steemit guys! Binance is my favorite exchange for sure.

Check out my article from yesterday titled "5 Reasons To Buy The BNB Token Now"


Follow me @terminallyill

welcome bibi ! @binanceexchange

quick question, will we be able to exchange steem or SBD directly from steemit platform to binance directly like bittrex account in steemit soon ? bring your competitive exchange rate over too please =)

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Hi Bibi!!! :) Now I know you are finally here. :)

i trust binance .. i have never had a problem yet AHHH YUEEEA!!!!!!!! @bigchings on Dsound & SteemiT

This is definitely a good way to reach the more casual audience. Good idea really. Bibi might not work great in Portugal though, just a heads up!

Good work,good posts.

i have upvote you and followed you hope same for me

Instead of drawing stupid cartoon characters and treating the cryto community like idiots, fix your customer support and reduce your fees.

Very good news, and I think that Bibi is such a nice character! Hope that you will keep on the nice job guys, your presence and notoriety is growing constantly, so I'd like to see lot of love coming from the Steemit community! We are with you Binance !

nice post

I really like you, Binance!!!! Welcome!!!

welcome bro

In my opinion, Binance is the fastest growing Crypto Exchange that ever existed. With very low trading fees, I highly recommend you use this exchange when trading cryptos.

SmartCash is doing a Binance vote promotion, win a 1080TI + extra prizes: https://twitter.com/scashofficial/status/966481080831434752

Welcome to this wonderful world ... a hug I invite you to visit my blog

It would be nice if Binance would actually respond to customer support issues, rather than ignoring them, as now seems to be the case.

I opened an account on January 28th, executed a single trade, and I have never been able to log in since, because the 2FA does NOT work, as I am not getting the codes at all, whether I use my laptop or my phone.

And, judging from the other comments on the site, I am far from alone.

For the record, when I use Coinbase, I get the codes every time, without fail.

So last week I finally requested an account unlock, having finally found the procedure in their non-so-intuitive FAQ section, and now I get an email back asking me to resubmit the photos I ALREADY submitted, with zero explanation as to why.

Thus far, in my book, Binance is NOT trustworthy.

I hope this changes, because I have some crypto locked up and completely inaccessible at the moment, which does NOT please me.

Really great to see you guys on Steemit! :-)


Welcome to steemit!

The greatest exchange experience, with a dedicated team and CEO, awesome supportive community, so many games, contest, get the users to feel part of the team and makes it fun place to be.