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Welcome to my world. My name is Paul i'm a lot older than i used to be.
So far life has been interesting and eclectic and long may that continue.
I have many interests, surfing and working in the surf industry was a great experience, my lifetime passion has always been motorcycles, owning more than i could possibly remember, from classic/vintage, road racers to motocross, riding and racing from a young age. Also a constant in my life has been diving, being fortunate enough to dive in some great spots around the world, Cuba, red sea and my current home the Philippines being some of the highlights.Generally diving with my camera i try to capture the best of each location. finally i can't omit my love of music, reggae, ska, rock, punk, blues, dance, funk and soul have all been a part of my cultural development.
My hope is you enjoy my images as much as i enjoy producing them, keep tuning in for a heady mix of dive shots, bikes and day to day life. Always happy to hear others thoughts and appreciate input.


hey Paul, welcome aboard! I'll follow you now because I'm a fan of vintage vehicles for sure :)

Welcome to Steemit @biggypauls - you will see this is the best community you have ever been - I'm looking forward to your photos 😊

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Welcome @biggypauls, I have been to Leyte, Tacloban to be more precise in 1999 before the disaster struck several years later.

If I could give you some advice, then this would be it. STEEMIT or SteemPeak is a blogging platform for writers, you can post simple snaps like I can see you have been doing but you will get little attention.

I always try and encourage new people and steer them down the right path . Please take a read of this, it's old so don't vote it.


and this... they will help you get started.


thanks for your kind words and advice, i will have a good read and try to learn from your knowledge, muck appreciated

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Paul! Welcome!
I am also a lot older than I used to be. It's like one day you look in the mirror and are like, "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!?!" It's almost alarming. 🤣

The community of folks here is pretty all over the board, but no matter our ages, we find common ground. A lot of 'getting to know each other' happens in Discord... which will be a little learning curve if you're new (it was for me, but now I can't imagine life without it).
Feel free to @ me if you have questions!

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If you are familiar with DISCORD come join us there! 😍
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howdy paul. love the beard

It's for sale at the right price! lol

lol, born to be wild

Congratulations @biggypauls!
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Hey @biggypauls, Welcome to the steemit platform!

hi a-0-0-0-real-dex thanks for the welcome good to be onboard

Welcome to steemit @biggypauls.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Looking forward to the underwater photo's not many people specializing in those on steem block chain that I have seen.

Welcome to Steem Block Chain.


Welcome to the Steemit community Paul @biggypauls!
Nice beard...
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

Eight suggestions to consider:

  1. Guard your passwords carefully, and only publish with the posting key,
  2. Use your active key only for wallet transactions, keychain and steemconnect,
  3. The master password is only used to reset compromised passwords,
  4. DO NOT lose your passwords; copy and store offline,
  5. Do not publish other people's work, be it photos or written, without credit, and
    be sure to source all of your work, even if it is your own
  6. An introduceyourself tag is used only once , and
  7. When you open your steemit.com, in the upper right corner of the page there are 3 bars. Click on those, and then on the "welcome", and you will get a lot of reading material that will help you.
  8. Do NOT open any links in memos or comments that you do not know who they belong to. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, so the old saying goes. There is nothing free here.

I found you because @xcountytravelers and @brittandjosie from @heyhaveyamet presented and promoted your publication to get more exposure and help you grow faster.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and need some guidance, or if you have any questions, there are informed Steemians available who can help you; you can click to go to the Steem Terminal in Discord here:


Have fun and happy Steeming!

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