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RE: Anonymous, WhiteList Only BidBot. Upvotes & Moderate Flags. Unique Delegator Rewards. 20K SP and Counting

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@justtryme90 A M A Z I N G!

Thanks for that. On behalf of everyone in @Bid.Bot, we look forward to an awesome and long collaboration with you!

If you have any question, join us on Discord


Thanks a lot for your trust in steemstem. We really appreciate this sort of messages one in a while ;)

We @ Steemstem look forward to working with you.

Really? Actually, @steemstem is not really looking to work with me, as I (co-)run the steemstem project...

That would mean you don't work with yourself though.

Do you think I should tell people I use clones? :D

I forgot the "co"... shame on me ;)

Well I like the concept of a promotion service that is centered around quality content creators and not just random spammy nonsense. There should be a market for good content creators to put extra eyes on their work, and one that does it for a fair price. What you describe seems like this could be one such project. :)

Plus I appreciate the recognition for the hard work the @steemstem team puts in.

So, so far... win win.

SteemStem is proved to be a great initiative and for sure the initiative we trust the most! Thanks for providing the SteemStem blacklist. It is going to be integrated very very soon.

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