My Introduction Post: Bass Player and Pilot from Toronto, Canada

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Hi Steemit! I'm BennyTheBassman - a bass player and pilot from Toronto, Canada.

I found Steemit through @dan-atstarlite who was very kind to spend some of his time explaining this amazing network to me. I'm really excited to be starting my profile out here - I'm a working bass player in the Canadian music scene, and I have a lot of content to share for aspiring bassists. Also, as the tittle suggests, I fly small planes around Ontario, so I'm looking forward to sharing some of those adventures as well.

I've been posting bass covers on Youtube since January - here's my intro video from that site, so you can see what kind of content you can expect from me here:

My Plan

My plan is to catch the Steemit community up with my back catalog of bass covers, and then continue releasing one cover a week. They are all by request, and I put a lot of work into making sure they're note-for-note transcriptions of the original tunes, so please feel free to request a song for me to cover! Also, I want to post some flying adventures! I took the Steembirds flying a few weeks ago - see this post about that - and people seemed to like that. I'm open to suggestions and would love to learn from and contribute to the community. What do you recommend?


Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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Welcome @bennythebassman. Looking forward to hearing some tunes. Hopefully you don’t play bass and fly planes at the same time. 🤣


Ha! That would be difficult!!

Thanks for the welcome, Torrey. <3

Welcome! Make sure to check out and as you can stream and post your music vids.


Thank you!!
I'm posting them on DTube, yeah. About to post the second one!

Welcome to Steemit!!!

Interesting, what a great idea to have this.....

Hello interesting article! I follow you, and you follow me. Let's develop the power of Steemit together, so we can achieve more! Upvoted your post! ;)

Welcome my fellow Torontonian! (I'm really from Oshawa) - Happy you've joined Steemit! post more content from up in the air! Toronto has some killer views!


You're absolutely right. Flying over downtown is one of the cooler things I've ever been able to do. Maybe I'll get someone with a good camera up with me? Capture some of the #views for ya :)


I know of some pretty dope shooters in Toronto - I've also got a pretty good camera and know what I'm doing - but to be honest you want a guy like @dnews - guys a beast - can you fit 2 passengers lol ?


Nice! Yep I can fit 3 passengers + me. 2 in the front and 2 in the back. I fly Cessna 172s. Well, if you guys want to take a flight, just let me know!


Yes x20!!!!!!!!! Welcome to steemit brotha :) More from the6!!!


SkyCineVlog - #1 coming soon? Lets do this!!



You are great and I play guitar.


Very cool, love what I am seeing so far. Welcome welcome! Hope all your Steemy dreams come true ^__^


Thank you!! Me too :)

Welcome welcome 😘
Hey I’m sure i’ll Dig the cover tunes but throw up some original bass lines for us!
Original written by you is what I wanna hear😀


Ok cool!! I'll try to sneak some of those in too :)
Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the welcome!

welcome to steemit you will love it


Thank you! I am, already!

Welcome! I plan on getting my private pilots license soon. I am a paraglider pilot now, but want to fly fixed wing.


Thanks! Yeah go for it. It was an amazing journey getting my private license. Learned so much and worked so hard..but in the end it was so worth it.

lol Cool synchronicity, I just posted a jam I did with my double neck bass/guitar that I named - "Flying"! lol Welcome to Steemit, I'm an artist from Montreal. Followed you :)


Ha - synchronicity indeed. I'll check that out. Followed you!

Hey friend welcome to this amazing community I wish you a great success here.
With love good luck.


Wish you great success friend.

Welcome !! Great to see another bassplayer / musician around :) looking forward to your covers..


Thank you!! Let me know if you have any song requests :)


Something Chilli Peppers? Flea is one funky mother!@#$ :)

Welcome to Steemit Bro
You are much more closer to unlimited success .Keep steeming

Very cool, nice to meet you.

I love Cake's bass lines, such rhythm and thump.

Do you fly planes that land in water? Where abouts do you fly?


Cake! Yeah I love their stuff too. Always found it super funky. Are you'd like to see a cake cover at some point? Got a particular song in mind?

No, I don't fly float planes - yet. I do want to learn, but it's a lot of extra training, and I'm working on getting my commercial license now, so that I can start getting official pilot jobs. One thing at a time... :)

Welcome! So cool! You'll find a lot of us in the GTA area on Steemit.


Nice. You're right - I am already! Thanks for the welcome.

Welcome to the steem blockchain, @bennythebassman. Following to catch some of the great content which you have planned.

Welcome to Steem, @bennythebassman!

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Your new follower @bennythebassman i will be waiting to see your flying adventure pics .
I am new over here on steemit and looking to build some strong relation with people who are active over here and i will be trying to grow my steemit community thick and fast . I will hope we can be in touch from here after to know each other better and to help community grow better together :)

Very Welcome !

Hey Benny! I guess we both are newbies here, I love bass, I think is a great instrument and I'd love to hear some bass lines from you. I want to write a #introduceyourselfofmine and it would be great if you could read it. (also you photos are cool /u)

Welcome to Steemit @bennythebassman.

I run an adventure lifestyle website, at, and post a lot of outdoorsy posts on my Steemit blog, so I'm definitely looking forward to checking out more of your flying videos and stories. It would also be cool to read a few posts about the technical aspects of flying if you have time.

Followed 👍


Thanks! Followed you back. I'll do my best to get some cool flying stuff up here asap.

hi @bennythebassman welcome to steemit! ✌

Good on you! Now get your ass to the next Steem Meet-up! Still flying... and now in a plane I hear! Ha!


HA! I will Brian! Hope to see you there...or maybe even before... :)


I live at Bloor and Jarvis! Always looking for an excuse for a coffee break if you're in the area! Good posting! Looks great!


Well the Toronto community is really growing very fast!
Hope life's treating you well, Brian :-)

Well if you found Steemit through @dan-atstarlite then I actually have to follow you :-)

Welcome to Steem, @bennythebassman! We've got a nice vivid music community here, so I'm pretty sure you gonna enjoy your time.

You may check out the Open Mic run by @luzcypher where you can quickly engage with like-minded musicians and also participate in competitions in order to improve your stake :-)

I'll be following your blog now and also resteemed your intro to my followers.
See you around

Welcome to steemit land @bennythebassman i'm waiting for you next post here, good luck

@bennythebassman Welcome to the steem it community. It was nice to know about you.

Looking forward to see some amazing pictures from the MOON lol. I mean from your little plane window.

Happy steeming.

Welcome welcome! From Toronto here :) just outside.

That sounds awesome man. Im looking forward to your content.

You r definitely a good person, I have no doubt. But your Sunglasses are the best.
I can't be without admiring that.

Welcome to Steemit from Hamilton, Ontario.