Flying a 172 Cessna from Toronto to Niagara Falls

in flying •  7 months ago

My friend @bennythebassman took The Steembirds flying last week! Now he's on Steemit so give him a follow and look out for his introduction post!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.52.17 PM.png

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So lucky !! I always wanted to do this. I’ve been to the falls about 2 times gonna be making my third trip hopefully sometime this year


Yeah it was pretty fun! The falls is great... especially the Canadian side 😎

This was really fun! Let's do it again soon :D




Ya Mons!

That’s awesome
I want a ride 😍


Well if you're ever in TO 😎

Oh wow, how cool's that?!
In the first sequence you look as if this was the most normal thing to do - haha, awesome! :-)


Yeah lol, just another day dangling up in the sky lol 😎


Haha sure! Just one of those days :-D
Keep it uppp

Looking great bro. Sounds like you had a blast. Rock on. @dan-atstarlite. ✈☺👍


Sounds like a plan. Like the way you think. See you in September.


Thanks man, in the future we'll all have our own planes I hope!

Missing ur posts dude!
It’s been way 2 long


Yeah, I know lol, I'll be posting again soon!

Looks awesome dude! I've never been in a small aircraft before but I imagine it's a much different feeling than a commercial airline.

whoa this looks like so much fun!!!!!!!

Steembirds flying :D
Yeah yeah yeah. Birds... You know :D
Dan, you have the perfect pilot face :D

@dan-atstarlite i always dream for sitting in private jet and here you are not just sitting but flying it .
I can only imagine how much fun this would be to do in real .
For sure gonna try it once day in life being seated in such jet over Niagra fall :)

awesome! hope you guys had a good time

Once again the glasses on your eyes. Really they make you more enthusiastic, I guess. What's your opinion about the recent crypto down?

What!!! I am super jealous!

hey @dan-atstarlite i have never flown, i wish to fly, it would be so fun, wouldn't it? and the view was amazing. Wish you all the best buddy.

I'll be in TO July 9th to 11th, how much does this kind of trip costs?

I also dream to fly . Will definitely learn it in future for sure. Btw Niagara falls would be trill .

@dan-atstarlite i waana ride and really ilke your post regulary because your post is very magnificent

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SO COOL! How awesome to have friends that can fly you places. What a day!

awesome! hope you guys had a good time

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Hello dan! See what I've made for you!! It's a portrait, i hope you like it :)

Nice post
Friend how do I grow up my reputation

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Amazing how it is cool to be flying with a small plane @dan-atstarlite I just wished that I can experience that thing in my life too.

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Cool! Courageous guys! I'm reading! In the hope of reciprocity)))