Flying a 172 Cessna from Toronto to Niagara Falls

in flying •  5 months ago

My friend @bennythebassman took The Steembirds flying last week! Now he's on Steemit so give him a follow and look out for his introduction post!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.52.17 PM.png

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So lucky !! I always wanted to do this. I’ve been to the falls about 2 times gonna be making my third trip hopefully sometime this year


Yeah it was pretty fun! The falls is great... especially the Canadian side 😎

This was really fun! Let's do it again soon :D




Ya Mons!

That’s awesome
I want a ride 😍


Well if you're ever in TO 😎

Oh wow, how cool's that?!
In the first sequence you look as if this was the most normal thing to do - haha, awesome! :-)


Yeah lol, just another day dangling up in the sky lol 😎


Haha sure! Just one of those days :-D
Keep it uppp

Looking great bro. Sounds like you had a blast. Rock on. @dan-atstarlite. ✈☺👍


Thanks man, in the future we'll all have our own planes I hope!


Sounds like a plan. Like the way you think. See you in September.

Missing ur posts dude!
It’s been way 2 long


Yeah, I know lol, I'll be posting again soon!

What!!! I am super jealous!

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hey @dan-atstarlite i have never flown, i wish to fly, it would be so fun, wouldn't it? and the view was amazing. Wish you all the best buddy.

Looks awesome dude! I've never been in a small aircraft before but I imagine it's a much different feeling than a commercial airline.

@dan-atstarlite i always dream for sitting in private jet and here you are not just sitting but flying it .
I can only imagine how much fun this would be to do in real .
For sure gonna try it once day in life being seated in such jet over Niagra fall :)

whoa this looks like so much fun!!!!!!!

awesome! hope you guys had a good time

I'll be in TO July 9th to 11th, how much does this kind of trip costs?

I also dream to fly . Will definitely learn it in future for sure. Btw Niagara falls would be trill .

@dan-atstarlite i waana ride and really ilke your post regulary because your post is very magnificent

Once again the glasses on your eyes. Really they make you more enthusiastic, I guess. What's your opinion about the recent crypto down?

SO COOL! How awesome to have friends that can fly you places. What a day!

awesome! hope you guys had a good time

Please support me on steemit

Hello dan! See what I've made for you!! It's a portrait, i hope you like it :)

Nice post
Friend how do I grow up my reputation

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Amazing how it is cool to be flying with a small plane @dan-atstarlite I just wished that I can experience that thing in my life too.

Steembirds flying :D
Yeah yeah yeah. Birds... You know :D
Dan, you have the perfect pilot face :D

Cool! Courageous guys! I'm reading! In the hope of reciprocity)))