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Weekly geo-political news updates will be posted to Steem on Thursday of each week. From Monday to Wednesday the weekly updates are only visible to paying members of hosts the full archive of posts going back to 2009 and is the premiere deep geo-political news/analysis/discussion website on the Internet. Casual readers are free to wait until Thursday to read Benjamin's articles on Steem or other Internet sites, but real supporters of Benjamin's work are encouraged to subscribe directly at and join the premiere esoteric geo-political news community on the Internet. is a geo-political news and discussion website from reporter and investigative journalist Benjamin Fulford. Reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including: the yakuza, MI6, the Freemasons, the CIA, the KGB, Mossad, the triads, the Chinese government, Japanese military intelligence, etc. We go by the motto, “if it appears in writing, somebody has beaten us to the story.” The reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the ongoing secret war for control of planet Earth. This website is completely independent and is not affiliated with any corporation or governmental organization.

Interview with Benjamin Fulford: Former Mainstream Media Journalist Blows Whistle on 9/11 & Fukushima


Nationality: Canada

Qualifications: 20-years experience as a professional writer and journalist. Have sold over 500,000 non-fiction books written in Japanese. Have produced a comprehensive catalogue of scoops in field ranging from business to yakuza gangsters to high-finance to government corruption. Now focused on exposing U.S. manipulation of Japanese politics, media and education through a combination of bribes, murder, brainwashing etc. My goal is to counter U.S. propaganda and expose the Japanese people to the truth so that they may free themselves from the colonial yoke and use their $5 trillion in overseas holdings to end world poverty and save the environment.

Native or near native, spoken and written: Japanese, French, Spanish and English. Conversational, reading ability in Mandarin, Portuguese and Italian.


2005-present: Have published 15 books written in Japanese with cumulative sales running at over 500,000 copies. Have weekly 2-hour TV show and appear frequently on numerous other nationally broadcast shows. Have regular columns in a variety of best-selling Japanese magazines.

1998-2005: Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine. Quit in profound disgust over extensive corporate censorship and mingling of advertising and editorial at the magazine. If they dispute this, I invite them to sue me, any place, any time.

1997-1998: Tokyo correspondent for the South China Morning Post.

1995-1997: Staff writer for the Nikkei Weekly and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Newspaper.

1993-1995 Took a sabbatical in Canada. Did research on the link between evolutionary forces and modern world society.

1989-1992 Senior Tokyo correspondent for the International Financing Revue. Created and managed Japan Watch, a news and analysis service available on the Reuters and Telerate news-wires. Created Katana, a Japanese language news service available on the Nikkei Quick news-wire. Triggered several Finance Ministry investigations with articles that uncovered financial industry irregularities.

1986-1989 Correspondent for Knight-Ridder Financial News; covered a broad range of market related news. One particularly market moving story was used by Knight-Ridder in an advertising campaign.

1982-1985 Part time jobs during student years included: work as an editor of Hitachi Review, a science and technology magazine; translation in the fields of business and finance and assorted television, radio and movie appearances.

1978-1982: Sowed my wild oats. Spent the time traveling and avoiding civilization. Spent 1-year studying with a witch doctor along the upper reaches of the Uquyali river in the Peruvian Amazon. Lived with former cannibals. Total time spent sleeping outdoors was 1 year. Lived as wild animal in the Canadian wilderness, catching food with my own hands, etc.

Education: Sophia University, Tokyo Japan; the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. BA Asian studies, China area specialty.

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Welcome to steemit. I've been a regular reader since around 2012. I'm a fan of your work(even when not all of your predictions come true). I too have come to the conclusion that an international cabal of malintentioned banksters are running this planet. I've resteemed this post to my ~6000 followers. Hopefully you'll now see some nice post rewards.

For those that are wondering if this is the actual Ben Fulford he's also posted a notice of his intent to post on Steemit on his blog and it led to this account. That's enough to convince me.

We are glad to have you on Steemit. I'm glad previous assassination attempts have been unsuccessful. I'm looking forward to your posts and plan to regularly get you some exposure. In exchange for that please mention forthcoming and/or previous posts that you offer on the platform in your regular updates.

Nice to meet you and glad to have you here.



Thank you for the confirmation @aggroed, and Welcome @Benjaminfulford.
Your reputation proceeds you... (I mean that in a good way)



Great news, thanks for checking the validity.
Life is Good

Hey @Benjaminfulford, I've been reading your blog for a little while and think it's amazing. There is nothing quite like it on the internet & I have been looking into this stuff for at least 15 years+. Make sure you all follow this guy, you won't see the world the same way again!


Your weren't lying

My most sincere welcome to the Steemit platform.

wow never thought he would join, guess he needs the cash.

Ben think it's about time you also got a dedicated youtube channel.

· Secret Channel ???

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Welcome! Good to have such a person at this platform!

Great! I am a follower of your website.

Hi, @Benjaminfulford, In case this has been your first Introdusemyself Post i'm here to welcome you to Steemit. I hope you have a lot of fun here and you may follow me. Have a great time @rightuppercorner

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

I’m new here too....look forward to catching your weekly contributions., been following your stuff for last 12 months.

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Nice to have you on this platform as well, now we can follow and read your articles more regularly. Welcome @benjaminfulford

Woah this is super neat. I've never heard of your blog, but I'm going to check you out now. Really great to see an established journalist and writer come to the decentralized side. ;>


Tagging @stevescoins , check this guy out!

Hey @benjaminfulford, welcome to Steemit!

Welcome to Steemit, @benjaminfulford ! Looking forward to your updates.