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RE: My First Post on Steemit Platrorm as My Introduction

in #introduceyourself3 years ago

Welcome to steemit @maryam5...
Very nice introduction and beautiful pictures you shared.
I have a suggestion for you, please follow these peoples because are more cooperative and supportive.

@r2cornell @allasyummyfood @ackza @jeffjagoe @javybar @freedompoint @freedomtowrite @rynow @cortexx @newmarket65 @drwom @tanata @majes.tytyty @nomad-magus @prepstothepros and many more..
These are few names you will see many more good people on this platform.


Thanks @bangash! I appreciate all your thoughtful comments!

Thanks allot dear @freedomtowrite. ..
I always recommend good authors to my new friends who seek to learn something special from steemit platform.
Thanks for your cooperation and support.