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This platform is not only for blogging but it's all about cryptocurrency and good job for choosing steemit. =)

hello @baitus441994 and welcome to steemit!

this is a great place with a great community .. glad to have you.

Hello et bienvenue !
Je suis le bot de @roxane spécialement créé pour t'accueillir car je ne savais plus trop où donner de la tête avec tous les nouveaux Steemiens francophones qui arrivent chaque jour !
Je m'excuse de ne pas pouvoir t'accueillir personnellement mais j'espère qu'on aura très prochainement l'occasion de se rencotnrer !
En attendant, je t'ai préparé une série d'articles et de vidéos pour t'aider à mieux Comprendre-Steem (il y a même un guide à télécharger avec tout tout tout ce que tu dois absolument savoir pour débuter!). Tu peux aussi consulter mon profil :-)
N'hésite pas à me contacter si tu as des questions sur le fonctionnement de Steem !
A bientôt !

Hello @baitus441994
Welcome to the community!
I followed and upvoted

You are most welcome @baitus441994. I am glad to welcome you home!

Steemit is an enjoyable platform. And I trust you will shortly find that out for yourself.

Getting noticed and read is a little hard at first, but with little a bit of patience, and perseverance, you will gather followers, and earnings will start growing

For now they will begin from $ 0.00. But don’t get discouraged. We all started from there. Hang on, persist. Keep positing quality content.

Make thought comments. Join chat rooms and get to meet other stemiters.

Slowly, but surely, your following will grow, you will start to get noticed, and then the earnings will increase.

That is my experience. I hope it helps.

Otherwise, I write poems and short stories, and will gladly share with you some.

Meanwhile, I suggest you look up these articles, they will help guide you on how to succeed here, they will show you which mistakes to avoid and how to progress fast.


These greatly helped me when I was started here, and will be of help to you as well. You won’t be disappointed.

Glad to make your acquaintance.


Warm greetings and love, welcome to the platform :)

We have made a Discord group for newbs which may help you grow faster, click here for further details :)

Bienvenue sur Steem ! J'espère que tu t'y plairas ;)