Hello i'm B.A Barakas, B.A for short hence the username babarakas43. I got this nickname from the actor Mr T and his character from the A-Team, my real name begins with a T. I work for a major television network as a Master Control Operator.

Videography, photography, and video editing are some of my hobbies , it's been awhile though. I have some music videos i've done with an artist (Young Picc) that I'll be posing from time to time. I made my sign via photoshop, i'm not that savvy just know the basics.


I got involved in cryptocurrency at the end of August 2017. I heard about bitcoin and decided to blindly dive in. I learned from watching Youtube videos, especially @Dhenz (They Call Me Dan) and reading reddit post. I've spent hours soaking everything up. I'm still learning. I started randomly buying coins and ran into Steem at around .60 cents and purchased a couple, which i unwisely sold off. I had started a Steemit page which i got approved for and never used. Guess what i committed the cardinal Steemit sin, I lost my password smh. Now i'm starting brand new and back to purchasing Steem.


Steemit is a great platform that i plan to use on a daily basis. Looking forwarding to learning more about the site and interacting with all the great subscribers. Look out for music videos, photos, blogs and skies the limit.

Hopefully you'll take the time to follow my page, and share my Steemit journey. Steem, Steemit, cryptocurrency, and blockchain is the future.

Twitter: @freezetagfilms
Instagram: @ba_barakas_spb


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Welcome aboard buddy. How do you like the Ledger? I have a Trezor but was thinking about picking up a ledger to store some more alts.


Thanks I like the ledger it's my first and only hardware wallet, so i can't give any comparisons. It's pretty easy to learn and use. Their compatible with a good amount of coins. On the device itself holds about 5 coins, but with the chrome ledger manager app, you can delete one coin and add another to access etc etc.


I'll have to get one, I love my Trezor, very easy to use but they are slow to add new coins and the new coins they add don't always make sense why they added them ie they aren't very popular coins they are adding.


Yeah get you one. I ordered mines from the official site in France. I'm sure there on back order but it's worth the wait. I refused to buy from Amazon or anywhere else.

Hey @babarakas43 brother! Welcome to SteemIt, you will have a great time here!



Thank you. Looking forward to it.

Hi, Welcome to this wonderful site ;)


Thank you.

Welcome back I hope you don't lose your password this time lool


Thanks. I definitely wont this time around.

welcome here wish you have a good time


Thank you

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Please bookmark Steem BluePaper and Steem Whitepaper and don't miss reading when you have time.
All the Best!!!


Hey thanks for the info, i'll read them later i appreciate it. Thanks again.