Sneak Peak of my shoot for Maxim France

This is my very first time posting a video!!! The community here will be the very first to see the bts with cover model Laura Diosa for our shoot with Maxim France! I met Laura in Vegas at a huge event sponsored by Maxim France, Playboy South Africa, Mancave Playbabes and many more. Laura was dying to shoot with me but with only 8 photographers , 40 models & 3 days it was simply impossible. Well I left Vegas with an offer to be a house photographer for Maxim France (AWESOME!!!) & I met up with Laura in South Beach at my favorite store Dash and we went for it. OH my gosh was I in awe of how it turned out. I cant post any photos until the issue comes out, but here is a tiny sneak peak!

▶️ DTube

We have all been where you are now. Hope you enjoy :)

New and wet behind the ears? lol , I look forward to be the one greeting soon , thank you!

I will def check it out, I am brand new so it is all a bit overwhelming so be patient :)

Hey here, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and yeah, amazing for sure.

Hi there , have you ever put salt and sugar in your oatmeal? it tastes amazing <3

Yeah, sugar, salt, is good in oatmeal. Also, honey, bananas, strawberries, molasses, fruit, too.

True story!

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