Introducing myself to the Steemit People.

Hi, my name is Autumn and I was introduced to this by my dad @mr-easyfix here on steemit.
This is me.

and this is me and my dad @mr-easyfix

Now, I like creating things for my dolls, like this bed.

I made the bed out of wood and painted it. The bedding and pillows I hand sewn together with fabric that I got from the store.


The doll in the picture is a mini version of me. Her name is Annabella.

Thank you for checking out my intro to my blog. I hope to make many more on crafting, drawing and other stuff that interests me.



welcome Autumn

looks like your doing good :) here is my new steemit page @kimlovesbaking
by the way this is my daughter everyone

thanks mom :)

I like this bed

Welcome to the Steemit community! 😊❤

You have a gifted daughter.. be looking forward to future blogs!

My daughter's first blog post, I'm so proud :)
I think I might cry!

Thank you to everyone who liked my blog intro, please follow me, thank you

Good Job to your dad! keep writing good stuff girl and don't stop learning!
My dad introduced me to Steemit too! He told me, "start early and you will harvest later " =)

thanks for the advice, that is what my dad says to

welcome to steemit @autumnjewel, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊

Thanks @mr-easyfix for appeal to @sportic. This post will see more than 7.5K of my followers

thanks dad, lol

thank you, i hope to make many more things to show and help people so they can do it to

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Nice to meet you, Autumn!
Welcome to Steemit, an awesome community!

nice to meet you to rezoanulvibes, that is a long name, lol

My name is Rezoanul. You can call me Rez. Now it becomes shorter, lol...

welcome aboard! make that money!

lol, thanks, i'll try. my dad @mr-easyfix is helping me with that part
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thanks dad and mr robot guy


Thanks Vilmore, people are great here so far

I have only been here for over a month, and have made quite a few good friends. It has been a fun experience. I hope it is the same for you. I will follow so that I can keep up on your posts.

thank you again :)

Welcome to Steemit @autumnjewel. I'm a big fan of crafting projects so I hope you continue to post your creations on here. Definitely following!

thank you, i love crafting and making things. i will try to post another thing soon. my dad is showing me how to do this, he is MrEasyFix on steemit here @mr-easyfix you can follow him too if you like stuff that he fixes, like cars

Already been following him @autumnjewel. Thanks!

Thank you very much Irvan

welcome here in steem

Thank you Marie, so far it is fun

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Welcome Autumn :)
in my country Autumn mean " mùa thu" :)))

lol, that sounds funny and still don't know what it means, lol.

Welcome to here Autumn 😊

thank you very much

Welcome to Steem Autumn.

thanks mr very bad writings, lol

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Thank you mr monkey

i love your post @bijoy123

thank you, i will look at yours too

whats? haha


welcome to the steemit world beautiful young lady! @autumnjewel

thank you very much

Welcome to join and hope your day is always fun

thank you and yes my day is going well :)

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I love this bed autumn

welcome to steemit

she learned everything from me, lol

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Welcome to steemit @autumnjewel, hope to see some of your post soon.

Yay! 😍

What you did there was lovely! You have gifts dear!

Pursue your dreams..hone your skills.. I'm seeing a bright future ahead of you!

Be leaving you a verse that is dear to my heart.. I hope you hold onto it as I have!

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." Ephesians 2:10

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