#Hello everyone in Steemit! 16?!? Let's do it!

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My respect to @penguinpablo, now i'll take you as a model and try to reach this point where you are :) Thanks

About me... I'm a 16 years old Estonian guy who likes to travel and explore the World. Life has been so uphill that i've lost my both parents.

But life goes one and sometimes you just gotta roll the dice. When i got in my "Teenage" period i understood what that actually means when you're an orphan. Well i'ts not good. So i decided to change it and i faced it.

For now i can speak 4 languages (Estoninan, English, Germany and Russian). I've only studyed 2 of them (Germany and Estonian). Other two i've learned by speaking and cooperateing with people from  other nation.

I've done many projects for people at my age for example Dance projects, exchange student projects and so one.

When i was 15 i started to get involved with Scouts. For now i have my own little scout group.

I wish all of you best of luck in your lifes and i say i'm really  really  glad to be here. And big indebtedness to my sister who told me about thos place  @Kizkah

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Welcome to Steemit!
In the face of the loss of your parents, your positive attitude and practicing gratitude every day will steer your destiny.
I wish you the best brother!

Thanks! I wish you'll reach your dreams :) !

very good introduceyourself post and pictures are beautiful , especially the second one, i will follow you

Hehe thank you. The second one was actually forbidden bc it was a museum :P

Welcome to Steemit! Wishing you all the best, sad to hear about your loss. Hope you'll find a place for it!

Our casualties are our opportunitys to change our-selfs i think :) !

Welcome! great post. sorry for your los. Bless

Hey! Thanks! bless you too!

A Big Welcome to Steemit! @austrin16 :))

Hehee thank you!

Welcome and good luck :-)

Hey! thanks, We neen a lot of it here :D

Welcome to steemit. You are very mature for your age, Life can be hard sometime but you've grown well and are doing well to help other to. Very good to meet you @austrin16

Heeeey, welcome to Steemit, @austrin16!

Welcome to steemit @austrin16. Looks like you will do well here

Hehee Thanks and we'll see how well :D