Something to understand ~

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Take all from a person, and you leave a person with nothing to lose. You then have your product of your own doing. I am merely a mirror reflection of what is happening here. I have nothing to lose, remember that before you think you can be tough and take anything. You create only your own problem. Now you all run around angry at me because you cannot control my flags or spamming. I say to you all, should not have made me. Should not have taken all. Now I have no breaks and nothing here to lose. Enjoy ~


@joshbreslauer ,
I would agree.
Something to ponder:
In a place filled with darkness, someone has to walk through the dark to make way for the light. I am ..-Able.
I have been through, and am now guilty of much.
You're right. It's just harmless flags and comments on post/s. I'm humanity.
When the world stops to realize just that, that control over one's self is all that is possible. Will be a good day.
And no, does not make me feel any other way than some people out there have compassion to not attack, and to pursue that act of compassion with heart.
You show compassion despite the truths in the situation. You have my full respect for that.
Maybe someone is willing to listen instead of try and teach me like a child knowing i'm wiser than not, and grown. That my reputation in a network does not define me as a human being.
Tho I feel you came weary, I hope you understand now.
Been a long day.
In light of the comment...The walls are quiet. Every kind act, or comment ceases me.
That tunnel...has an end it appears. Maybe only mine seems as if it doesn't.
But I can see light even in that tunnel :)
Sincerely, @iLoveUpvotes ~