The values repressed on your post are not accurate. They assume an SBD value of $1 USD, while SBD is actually at around $5 USD right now. Based on the real value of the vote, yes it is a positive ROI.

Calculating payout is tricky. But I promise you, it is a positive ROI at the time of voting.

I'm not at home right now, so my time is limited, but if you want a more accurate representation of the vote value of the bot, go to Steem Bot Tracker, click on details HonestBot and look at the stats for the last round. According to this, your vote of 0.1 SBD was worth $0.53 USD and you received an upvote worth $0.71 USD after curation.

Ok, thx for explaining

No problem at all. The broken USD peg of SBD makes this whole thing really confusing.

I should probably make a post for HoenstBot explaining this.

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