Introduce Yourself : my presentation, my photography work and more ! :-)

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Hello everyone !

So after some time here on #Steemit, I finally decided to go through it and make a small presentation. Not an easy exercise, but it's a must-do here, right?

who am I?

I'm a 25 years old swiss woman in love with photography and... teaching. Being with kids give me a real strength and offers human interactions that are absolutely stunning. They teach me a lot. I just can't wait to see them everyday.

Being with my camera offers great opportunities. I feel really blessed to be able to manage those two amazing passions.
#Photography gives me the chance to meet new people, travel, create projects I trust in and in which I put all my heart. It's like breathing sometimes. I can't wait to share a really big emotional project I'm working on with one of my bestfriends : keep in touch if you're interested in getting more information !

I'm not sure about what to say, because I would never end this "presentation" if I could.
I think I'll just let you discover some of my work here through some photography of mine.

You'll note I love nature, but my main subject nowadays are Emotions captured through #portraits and/or human body.

Let me know what you think about my work ! I can't wait to get some of your opinions. I feel really blessed when I get constructive critics, it makes me grow and that's a real goal, right?

A night in Nevada

Oh, and... some more...:
As some of you may now know it, some of my photography are printed as Fine Art posters.

By upvoting, you are supporting my passion and my work and I can keep doing what I really love : capture a bride's and a groom's smile, travel and enjoy great landscapes that may end up on your walls, and meet YOU and new people around the world who trust in me. And this has no price!

... Now I'm done, here is my work :

A breath in the Dolomites

Behind the clouds, Switzerland
DSC_0026-3 copie.jpg

Swiss night

A part of my secret project

Frozen woods

ANG_7940 copie.jpg

Thank you for your support!! Hope you liked it. Feel free to visit me on my website so you can discover my work a little bit more :-)

Hope you're having great Holidays and let me wish you a very happy new year ! :) !

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Great photos and nice introduction! Welcom :)

Thanks a lot ! :)

magnifiques photos Je veux en voir plus:) tu peux réussir ici, pourquoi tu publie pas ton site web?

Merci beaucoup ! Je l'ai publié en fin d'article... ça ne marche pas ?

je l'avais pas vue. Vraiment magnifique! Bonne chance sur Steemit!

Merci beaucoup :-) On verra bien ce que ça donne ! Bonne chance à toi aussi!

Oh wow, I love the subjects you chose and your photography skills. Welcome to steemit. I am a fellow artist around your age (26) in the USA. I do bodypainting and acrylic painting! Nice to meet you, I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Thank you for your comment ! I'll see how to manage this platform, not sure yet how it works and how to make it work haha :-) I'll check your profile, always great to meet new artists around the world !

  • Welcome to


Thank you!

Welcome to steemit ! It's so cool to have a new member here. Very stunning pictures, i like them, you captured the essence of the places. Have very beautiful holidays too :-)

Hey @magicalwolf ! Thanks a lot for your great comment, I'm really happy you liked my work. It's always a pleasure to receive such words ;)
I'll see if I get to manage this platform. I'm really not sure how to make it work, but let's see :-)

nice work. looking forward to future projects, followed ;)

Welcome to #steemit @annegerzat!!
What a wonderful introduction, your photography is breathtaking ❤️
Happy to be following you & am looking forward to what’s to come! ✌️❤️✊️

Hey @d-vine ! Thanks a lot for your nice and encouraging comment ! Hope you'll like what's next :)

@annegerzat from what I have seen so far, I am sure I will!! Can’t wait!!

Love your pictures! Welcome to steemit!

Thank you !!

Your artwork is really amazing and diverse, keep it up! :)

Thanks a lot for your support !

Je suis tombé a la renverse ^^. Je suis un peu jaloux parce que j'ai laissé tombé la photographie lol. Le résultat est vraiment plaisant, bravo !! ;)

Oh haha merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire ! C'est hyper encourageant :) Mais non il ne faut pas laisser tomber ! Tu y reviendras j'en suis sure, enfin j'espère parce que c'est quand même une belle passion :) Merci encore!

Je t'en prie ;) et c'est sincère. Le problème avec moi est que je m'intéresse à énormément de choses alors j'ai du mal à tout allier lol. Et ce qu'il s'est passé est qu'à l'époque j'étais un fervent défenseur de l'argentique, lorsque le marché à été inondé par le numérique. Dans l'endroit où j'étais il était devenu difficile d'obtenir la prestation de développement. Donc petit à petit je me suis détaché et passé à autre chose. Mais une chose est sûre est que c'est toujours en moi, et j'admire toujours autant le travail des photographes, surtout quand ça touche au ciel. J'ai constamment la tête dans les étoiles lol. Mais merci à toi également pour tes encouragements à garder cet esprit, oui, tout n'est pas vraiment terminé pour moi ;).

Love your work. Look forward to seeing much more of it.
I am also interested in art and photography.

Following you now.

@annegerzat You produce nice stuff. Upvote 100%!! I want to connect with you to discuss peoples psychology when it comes to art and photography. What deives them. What do they want and what trends do you see there? Its interesting to know your opinion

Guuuuuurl, your editing skills are spot on, I will challenge you will mention you tomorrow in my Day 2 B&W challenge. I am definitely following you.
Here is today's challenge:

Tell me what you think