We are a way, for the Cosmos to know itself

My name is Anirudh and I am from India. A dreamer with respect to John Lennon's concept, I am a big fan of the Beatles and the whole 60's movement. IMG-20140424-WA0022.jpgI am spiritually influenced by Astronomy, Philosophy and the story of the human species. An ardent follower of Carl Sagan, a Political Science grad currently in Business School; I aspire to travel, write, make music, learn new languages and have new experiences in life.


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hello and welcome to steemit family
upvoted :)
have nice day and feel free to follow me :)

Awesome! Where is that? Dhamsala?

That is the village of Tosh near Kasol. Its in Himachal Pradesh (same as Dharamshala) :)

Nice :-) Where exactly are you in India?

Welcome and enjoy steemit all the best.. Your start is awesome 😎.

Hello @anirudharya1 Come on in! I've left out the welcome mat for you so you'll feel right at home! :)


welcome on board the steemit train hope you have fun as you write article on this platform, feel free to follow and upvote

Welcome @anirudharya1 !

Steemit is a nice platform where you can share and learn. Popular bloggers also earn big. But, its a long road.

Anyways, welcome and regards.

I will follow you now!

Hello! I saw that you are new on steemit so welcome aboard. Have an upvote and I'm waiting for many more posts in the future!
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welcome my friend :) to steemit

Pleased to meet you Anirudh!

Welcome to Steemit! Interesting Intro.

Welcome to steemit, wishing you lots of success on this amazing platform :)

Nd what about the background in ur photo

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welcome my friend