An Introduction to Ancient Knowledge (ancientknowled3)

Greetings Steemians

My handle is Ancient Knowledge and I run a small blog dedicated to lost and forgotten knowledge of ancient peoples and cultures. It’s a subject I’ve been interested in for over 40 years and since I was forced into an early retirement due to long term illness I finally decided to put some thoughts to paper (well virtual paper at least). I’m hoping you all will enjoy the topics I post and maybe we can have some interesting and insightful discussions.

I’ve also been an avid crypto-enthusiast since early 2012 but I’ve mainly focused on the mainstream crypto’s (bitcoin, litecoin, etherium, doge, etc) since I don’t enjoy trading alt-coins or swinging for the moon on investments. Steem is something I’ve followed for awhile and once I started my blog (my about page actually has a steem price ticker), I knew I had to join the community and hopefully have something to contribute.

I’ve purchased a few hundred STEEM to get me started here at steemit and hopefully that will allow me to jumpstart my activity in the community. One question for all you pro-steemians, how should I split my holdings between steem, power and dollars? I’m thinking 50% steem and 50% power for now as I have no need/desire to cash out, so I don’t need dollars at this point, correct?

Other than that, there’s not much else to say about me. I’m a middle aged Canadian, early retirement due to illness, had to give up my dogs (hardest thing I’ve ever done) due to not being able to take care of them but I muddle on and am hopeful that being a part of this community will help lift my spirits and meet some new, similar minded people.

Well I think that’s it for my intro post. If you’d like to check out my blog you can do so at . If you have a topic you’d like me to write about or would like to guest post, just let me know.

And to end on a happy note…… I present the best damn dogs there ever was…..


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Hi @ancientknowled3. I've just joined Steemit myself and I was looking through the self-intros for ideas on how I should write my own, when I came upon yours and was moved by it. I can only imagine what it's like to be forced into retirement by an illness, but I applaud you for not letting it break your spirit, and from what I've seen so far, I believe there are people on Steemit who can be a resource for you in moving forward in life. I hope I can be one of those people for you.


Thanks for your kind words Ben, hope to see you around :)
Have an upvote LOL

Thanks! This is a topic of interest to me. Roman flexible Glass that has been lost for thousands of years has me interested. Following you.


Thanks for commenting, thats one thats on my list to do. very interesting subject that. Especially since the emperor had the creator killed. I was just reading a couple weeks ago how something similar has finally been (re)developed. This is in addition to the flexible phone and tablet screens that have been coming out recently.


Yes! I wrote a post about that.

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Welcome to Steemit. I'm sorry to hear that you needed to give up your dogs. That is a sign of true love, doing what was best for your furry friends. I am intrigued by the topic lost and forgotten knowledge. I look forward to learning more.

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Glad to hear you are intrigued, that is what I am hoping to do with my blog. Raise questions, maybe provide some answers, and definitely get people thinking.

There are many sayings about history, its written by the winners, doomed to repeat it etc. Yet if these are true, why is so much knowledge lost. How can mainstream society call these cultures/peoples primitive when they were able to create/invent knowledge that we can't replicate today.

I am fond of saying that the only thing we have right about our past is that we know nothing right about our past. We used to believe that the earth was flat, now we know better. We used to believe the Earth was the centre of the universe, now we know better. The sun used to revolve around the earth and so on and so on.

So why on earth (pun intended) do we now think that we now everything and have it correct? What will peoples 1,000 years from now look back on and wonder how we could have ever thought such stupid things and yet at the same time marvel at some invention we have left behind.

Anyways, there's plenty of time for my ramblings later. Thanks for your comment


I agree that our understanding of things is always changing. Modern medicine is an example, science has advanced how illness are treated. But, it lacks the holistic approach of many traditional medicine practices.

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I had to give up my dogs in 2010 when I got a divorce, so I certainly feel where you're coming from. Looking forward to reading your stuff.

You are welcome to steem

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Welcome, looking forward to your posts :)

Welcome and congratulations to join Steemit ...

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Pleased to meet you. Welcome to the community. I hope you have a great experience here. I am very interested to follow you as your topic of blogs sounds like it’s going to be fascinating. I can’t wait to read what you have to share. That’s a sad point about losing your dogs though, can’t have been fun. Is visiting them sometimes an option because for sure they will never forget you. I hope your health improves over the coming months and wish you happiness and good fortune. 50 -50 on your holdings sounds like a perfect plan too I would say😉🌴🌈🦋💛🍀


Thanks for saying hi sallybeth and I look forward to you visiting my blog and hearing your feedback.
Unfortunately I can't visit my dogs, I gave them up to a Shiba Inu (the breed) rescue organization and they guarantee anonymity for the adopters. It really was a shame and incredibly difficult but it reached a point where I couldn't even take them for walks (we used to walk 4-5 miles a day but at the end I couldn't make it to the end of the street without falling over). They were my best friends and companions for 7 years and I had to what was right for them, not for me. It's been just over a year and I still miss them every day. I use that picture for most of my online avatars just to keep them close to me.


It’s a beautiful photo and that was a truly loving and caring decision you made. Bless you🤗🌈🌴🦋💛🍀

Welcome, excited for your future blogs. anyway love your dogs


Hi and nice to meet you, always happy to hear from anyone interested in lost/ancient knowledge

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amigo un placer conocerte, yo te aconsejaría que sigas comprando steem ya que vaticina en poco tiempo una subida muy provechosa, los perros están muy bonitos y se ven fuertes, y continua adelante amigo recuerda que después de la tormenta llegara la calma, tu eres mas fuerte que todas las enfermedades, siempre recuerda que Dios estara contigo siempre, saludos amigo


Thank you for your positive comments

Hello and Welcome. I found your post rather interesting, and those dogs are really amazing.


Thanks for your comments, they truly were amazing dogs.

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Bonitos perros yo también soy usuario de criptomonedas saludos desde la isla de Gran Canaria


Thanks for commenting
Greetings from Canada

Good to meet you here @ancientknowled3 . Good to know you interest in Curating LOST ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE; a genre similar to mine. We curate knowledge which are not LOST though!!

I have UPVOTED and FOLLOWED YOU such that I can be a beneficiary of your Contents. It would be good if you could do same.

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Welcome to Steemit @ancientknowled3!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!


Sorry about your dogs. Can’t wait to see what you post. Following.

Hey, welcome to Steemit my friend. Great write up. I will be following your work. Please check out my work and follow me.