#1 Heyyyy everybody... I am anarchy, you are nature; and nature is anarchy.


I'm anarchyisnature.

This account is to explore the concept of how anarchy is the only true form of social organisation that is in line with nature. Dating back to Daoist philosophy, specifically the Dao, translated as 'the way,' represents one of the earliest understandings that spontaneous order, resulting from the natural process of life, is the ideal way in which human civilisation should organise. The awareness of nature to effectively self-organise is crucial to an appreciation of how human beings should interact, both with one another and nature as a whole.

The purpose of this is to introduce you, piece by piece, to the understanding that we are all one with nature. Leading to the conclusion that the only moral system is one in which freedom is held as the cornerstone. Allowing for a self-organising, self-perpetuating civilisation based upon the Natural Law. There is a myriad of examples one can give to justify a laissez faire approach, not just to the economic sphere, but to life itself. This is my aim throughout the life of this blog. However, there is one example, in particular, I'd like to share with you all now my dear readers; perhaps it will give you an idea of the task I am setting out to undertake.

Let us explore together how human intervention into forest fires leads to unintended, catastrophic consequences. This understanding comes borrowed from Mark Spitznagel's 'The Dao Of Capital.' Over many seasons a forest naturally turns into a tinderbox as the woodland suffocates under its own weight and growth. What eventually takes place is an overgrowth, resulting from the various flora competing for resources and dead wood buildup. A tinderbox to which there is but only one solution, brush and forest fires.

These brush fires work to clear away the unnecessary dead wood and dry foliage to make way anew. This is the very definition of a phoenix rising from the ashes, Schumpeter's economic concept of creative destruction on display within the very wheelwork of nature. As this process completes new flora gains seed and the process starts over. Nature working as intended, destruction making way for creation in a symbiotic relationship. Until...

Insert man. Refresh my memory, the road to hell is paved with? Good intentions in hand, man interferes with this process. In an attempt to protect the property which has been erected within the forest, or perhaps even more naively, to protect the forest itself, we attempt to, and succeed in, extinguishing these fires. This game continues back and forth, nature wishes to burn and cleanse, but, man has other plans. Until, at last, it becomes too much for mankind to continue to fight.

This human-caused misallocation, or movement away from the natural process, has reached its peak, the next forest fire as a result of intervention is in fact now an inferno. A high energy, high wind firestorm that makes short work of everything unlucky enough to fall within the path the chaos. Absolutely unnecessary and caused only by the continual intervention into nature's way. The Dao.

So how to avoid this catastrophe from the beginning? Simple, do not allow it to occur in the first place. Let the fire run its course! Cleaning out the forest for more to grow later. The human being intervening only leads to a larger tragedy at a later stage, delaying the inevitable. Sometimes the course of action necessary is not clear. Yes, in a brush fire some properties will be destroyed, that's not easy to accept as your house goes up in flames... however, would you prefer there be no forest left?

Laissez-faire, the Dao, wei wu wei, let it be. When following laissez-faire, the right action for the future, at the individual, cultural, and global level, requires sacrificing the present. In so many ways, ways we can't comprehend until they slap us in the face. Leaving only the cold, hard truth resting upon a throbbing cheek; serving as a stark reminder. It is the duty of the human being to discover these esoteric laws; then implement living in line with, instead of fighting against, nature itself.

If this message resonates with you, please join me on this journey. Growing together is important and feedback is crucial. If you feel you have a perspective, I'd not only encourage it, I'd appreciate and love to hear it.

Anarchy is nature, nature is anarchy.

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True that we are all one with nature, and nature will always finds its way to progress...
Everything is energy, and energy can not be destroyed, just transferred...


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