Introduced myself (First time to Steemit)

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First Move

On the first time I know this platform from my close friend @seifanlj, I feel curiously about how doing on the platform. So I decided to Asked him about it, giving him the question, Made a Lil discussion through it.

By that time, after our discussion I got alot of Insight toward the @steemit. So a week earlier, I decided to joined the app, after waiting a long time for android aprroval the mail sent to me by the Steemit team, Thank a lite for that, you guys, the great dedication people by giving the people to put on their world here.

And now, I am already here, yup I am on, I am on @Steemit.

Introduced My Self

First time, I just wanna introduced my self on here, my name as mentioned on the profile Alul Azmi yes it, my friend called men Alul or Azmi. You kau called both of options ones.

My professional as the trading agent ini all aspeft, such as car intermediary man, giving the people information about about the thing they wanna buy.

Beasiswa, I also work on some developing natural receipt, tips on sex educational, how to! When we do! What thing made us success on the sex time. Then also, a little bit about the Midwife topics as I got some knowledge fromnky wife.

So, people...
As the newbie here, I just need all your positif assist, good motivated, ini giving me the kind of adviced to flow with the @steemit here.

Last, thanks Soo much to my best friend @seifanlj as the one who already told me and right ke how to flow with on this platform, thanks my man.
You did a good thing. Ia appreciated that all my life.# header

Thank you very much

Best regard,


Welcome to Steemit @alulazmi!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Welcome @alulazmi!
I think that I am your first follower :)
Great first post, keep it going!
I'm also new here on steemit and dtube.
If you like or want to learn about Cryptocurrencies follow me :)

Yes thanks so much

Welcome to steemit @alulazmi!
I upvoted you a worth of $0.02! Please have fun and enjoy your stay with us!

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