🎉Introduce myself while watching Yorkshire’s band performance against the stunning Hall and gardens

in #introduceyourself7 years ago (edited)

Hey there, I had a wonderful day enjoying a band in a Hall and gardens. Hope you do as well. The old English charm, music, and summer flowers were perfect for a Sunday family day. Why not introduce myself to the Steemit big family in this beautiful day 😘. It was easier to borrow good food and wine than a pen and paper to write my intro card :).

Here I am, sweetmax, my steemit ID is @ai-max.
我是sweetmax,steemit ID是@ai-max

I was born and grown up in China, studied in Singapore, US, and currently live and work in UK.
Once upon a time in China

I enjoy reading, philosophy, travel, good food, music, yoga…I enjoy meeting people around the world and their fantastic different cultural. Always ready to try something new, try something out of my comfort zone.

Got to know Steemit by reading a blog about philosophy. In the past few days, read many blogs, some of are very good and inspiring, some are not. The thing strikes me is that the majority of the Steemians are dedicating to bring value to the community. Good contents, beautiful photos, in depth thoughts, new information, and good entertainment and humor work here. I love that! 💕

I would like to share with you the world from my perspective. Also would love to know your thoughts and comments. Try to enjoy time here, make new friends, a good reward—of course will be welcomed 😊.

Hope the community grow healthy and bigger. Hope everyone have fun here and have handsome reward 🍹🍾. Cheers.

Anybody know the hall I was in today 😚?


Wecome to steemit all the best looks like a nice day good to have more people from the uk I was lonely lol

Not lonely anymore :). Thank you.

Welcome to Steem @ai-max I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Thank you very much. Nice meeting you here.

wow, my first tip! Thank you. Though, still didn't figure out the whole thing yet.

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A new Steemian :-) hello @ai-max hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I Have upvoted and will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

Yes, we new steemians. Keep going. Will check yours. Thanks.

Welcome to the platform!

Thank you.

An office "Welcome“ to you.
我是sweetmax,teemit ID是@ai-max。




Welcome to this platform. We wish a lot of things that you want here. I am Reza from Aceh, Sumatra wants to meet you. Please follow me on @elhakimi and I will give the vote to you. Thank you..

Hi there. Thank you. Will check yours as well.

Welcome to steemit. The penny my upvote added is no handsome reward. But that will come in time. For all of us.

A penny at this time means big encouragement to me. Thanks a lot. Hopeful one day, handsome reward will come

Welcome my friend nice post i am @djnoel i do mixes of house music,deep house afro house etc,Good luck over here ;)

welcome friend to steemit world, i have upvoted and following you and do the best @kunani

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