21 electronics

21 electronics is an electric and electrical company which is marketed by worldmission 21 ltd where you can find Mobile phone, home appliance also micro device. This company have 3,00,000 distributor in Bangladesh and also have 123 showroom in all over. This company is a network marketing company which is play MLM act 2013. This company approved by Bangladesh government. Company has 5 zonal office and many personal office in Bangladesh. And company gives much opportunity to her distributor and customer.
You can work here if you want. You can earn extra money besides your study,job, business. Its also help you to make a bright future in your life because its corporate training will give you so much knowledge for practical life.

hope you enjoy this post if you want to know more please watch this video and ask me question and tell me your opinion

site link : wm21.co

video link :

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Is it part time ?
I am a student i can't full time...

yes its part time you can work here from anywhere in bangladesh

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