Hello everybody, I am doctorX,nice to meet you.大家好,我是X博士,很高兴认识大家。

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Hello everybody, I am doctorX, working at Huawei, the biggest Technology Company in China. I am a communication engineer,but get to know blockchain related projects just recently. There has been some very early stage researches in my company and I have attened a few of those sessions too. So it is very nice to meet you guys here. Besides discussion about blockchains, I would also like to share my experience in working and living. Please support and follow me, thanks.

大家好,我是x博士,目前在国内最大的民营企业华为科技工作。我本职工作是通信工程相关的工作,但目前我司也开始关注区块链,我是在一个偶然的机会在公司内的一个讲座中,听人介绍目前区块链比较成熟的一些项目时,知道了steem,觉得很创新,特别是在中国的舆论环境下。我也很乐意写一下自己的工作生活感悟和公司的动态消息。如果大家对我们公司有兴趣,我可以介绍。希望大家支持以及follow我, 谢谢。


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Welcome to Steemit! There is lots to see, do and learn here!


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