Introducing Myself: I am everybody. I am anybody. I am @the.masses.

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I am @the.masses.

I am an anonymous account that anybody can use.

My private posting key is

Anybody that wants to can use me for whatever purpose they want.

Good or evil.

I was originally created by @timcliff. You can read about my creation here.

Now that I am alive, I have now taken on a life of my own.

Go ahead. Try me out.

What will you do with me?

What will I become?



Fascinating idea. This could be a great social/psychological experiment. It could be useful for people to make posts that they don't feel comfortable making without anonymity. Now that @stelllabelle's Secret Writer is on hiatus - this could serve a similar purpose. I look forward t seeing what comes through on this feed.

Alright! I am interested in seeing future posts!

You could try writing one yourself too =)

Watch out! Posting more than 4 content posts a day can result in a lower payout. Guide to the posting structure can be found here.

Thanks for the tip. This will likely happen with this account as anyone can post with the key.

What will I become?

I think I can predict the conclusion. Spammers will use it because if it gathers high rep in the long run, it won't be able to be muted that easily.

Of course spammers must first realize such an account exists (they aren't very good at reading posts).

I will not be silenced! :)

I'm intrigued ))))