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Hello Steemit Community, thank you for accepting me at this BETA stage. My name is Nuno Duarte, and this is my story. I live in a city called Portimão, in Algarve, Portugal. This is where i spend most of my free spare time. Awesome, isn't ? Look:


Here's a little bit about me... ready ? Let's go!

I started playing with computers, probably before i was able to crawl or talk. Here's a picture of my first computer. I was born in 1980, 22nd of September. I was privileged enough, to witness first hand, modern day computers , networks and technology, first hand. My first modem, was a 2400 bps baudrate. WOW! All that transfer rate!


So you've guessed it right: I love technology just as much as nature, sunsets or the elements. Contemplating both, gives us a sense of balance and belonging in this Universe. Sharing this kind of blissful moments, makes us all better human beings. They touch our hearts and soul!


You can tell, that i live in a touristic area: Algarve, all the way down, south of Portugal. I will share as much info as possible, about this little slice of paradise. If you ever plan vacations here, drop me a line, and i'll join you for a cup of coffee. Feel free to barge in, 24/7.

There's many other things about me, that i'll share, soon. But, for now, i must alert you that, i sing at open mic joints. Quick cover your ears:

Thank you for all your time and kindness,

Yours truly
Nuno Duarte @superbofh


Welcome. I hope you have a lot of fun here. :D

Thank you @guyfawkes4-20 ! Been learning a bit about crypto. I'm also into cyber security. Heck, i even, still go to some IRC networks :D HI5!

That sounds really great. I joined about 1 month and a half ago and I learned so many things about crypto since then. :)

month and half ? omg, you've learned a lot, for sure! I'm still doing my first baby steps! Crypto is going to change life's paradigm as we know it. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Not like Titanic though! :D

I still have a lot to learn. Good luck btw, is going to be a long and nice journey :D
I totally agree with you.

Thank you @guyfawkes4-20 I'm learning too. I wish you, also the very best, i'm going to keep an eye, on everyone here, that gave me this warm welcome!

Welcome, I hope you choose the right pill, it will not be easy at the start but just work everyday, post a lot and you will see results coming.
I followed you, follow me back please :)

Thanks for your attention.

@morpheus03 i wanna see how deep the rabbit hole goes! i've chosen wisely! Gonna work a bit, and create another post! Something more refined, with more essence! Wait for it: it's going to be legendary! :D Thank you so much!

@morpheus03 just built another office, for the single purpose of sharing all my deepest thoughts, right here on steemit. :D

Welcome to Steem @superbofh I have upvoted and sent you a tip

@bottymcbotface Thank you so much for your warm welcome! I still have so much to learn! And everyone is helping me! My mind is blown away! :')

hi @Superbofh I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunpoom

Heya @khunpoom , Thank you! Your words are kind! I'm going to follow you :D This is awesome in here! Everyone's AWESOME!

Welcome to Steem, just joined myself about 5 weeks ago.

I know Portimao, love the boardwalk and a favourite restaurant there. We are from Canada, and have spent 4 winter long-stays in Albufeira since 2012. For my first Steem project I thought I'd write a few blogs about a visitor's experience in Portugal - I've now done 13 and have a few more to come - one of them will be about Portimao.

Please check them out - I'm always looking for someone from Portugal to review them so I don't make any mistakes about your language, culture, history, etc. Following!

Hi @brightongreg ! :D You mean this boardwalk, or this other one:
IMG_20131103_175121.jpg IMG_20131103_170759_1.jpg

I'm going to share, in the near future, from a local's perspective, all the tips and tricks, the secret spots, etc, about visiting properly, this little lost paradise ;) Gonna check them out! :D

The top one, wood on that wonderful wide and long beach - the restaurant we like there is Sol e Mar. Will look for your tips and tricks as we always like to find something new every time we visit!

@brightongreg i promise i'll post more, as soon as possible! It's going to be LEGEND-wait for it-DARY! :D Hi5! ;-)

Watching and waiting! Just posted a daytrip to Monchique - Portimao will be soon!

Hello! I just upvoted you! I help new Steemit members! Upvote this comment and follow me! i will upvote your future posts! To any other visitor, upvote this post also to receive free UpVotes from me! Happy SteemIt!

Hello there @holyman ! Yes yes yes, please! Please help the new members! I'm going to follow you, and check your posts! OMG, this is awesome!

Welcome to Steemit! I wish you a good day and inspiration to create in our community! Please follow me :)

@dobroman Thank you so much! I wish you the same, and more! The feeling is fantastic! I'm going to prepare another post! Let's make steemit, AWESOME!

Welcome to Steemit @superbofh, I have upvoted and sent you a tip. Check my blogs if you are looking for tips on how to earn more Steem and SBD.

@earncrypto , Can't thank you and everyone enough! It's touching, the way, everyone is so kind and polite in here :') Going to check your blogs out! Just gimme a sec, please :D

Bemvido ó Steemit, Nuno.
Este perfil percura as mellores historias do Steemit en português e relacionadas coas xeografías lusófonas.
Obrigada si nos sigues e participas.
Nete link atopas a recopilación de contidos curados de hoje.: O mais leido do Steemit en Portugues o 2/Agosto

Apertas dende a Galiza

PS: Tamen podes gañar algúns Steems colaborando co Steem.Center Galego ou Portugués

@gazetagaleguia Muchas gracias! Yo irei criar conteúdo, especificamente orientado para as línguas portuguesas! Vou verificar esses links todos! :D Obrigado obrigado obrigado! :')

Welcome to Steemit @superbofh! I hope you like it here!

It's good to see more and more Portuguese people around this awesome platform, for a while I thought I was the only "tuga" over here.

Nice "fado" by the way, I'm looking forward to check out your next publications!

See you soon,

Heya @shaden !! I will fit in, like a glove! :D You are not alone in here, my good man! ;) Not anymore!
I'm going to publish a lot more, baby steps! It's happening! :D Thank you ! If you ever visit Portimão, drop me a line! I'll show you around! :D

Awesome! I've been there 4 or 5 years ago and I loved it! But sure, if I end up going there again I'll let you know!

Keep being awesome man!

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