SteemTV launches today to give you the best in decentralised media

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SteemTV launches today to give you the best in decentralised media

Launching today, we would like to introduce to you steemTV where will be screening exclusive productions, unseen anywhere else on the internet.

As a production company we are dedicated to focusing on topics of importance and it is our intention to create professional content which addresses the controversial questions mainstream production companies shy away from.

Here on steemit we most grateful that we are free to tell the truth without the fear of reprisal.

We would also like to open our doors to other steemit users who have created films which fit our guidelines seen below:


-Must be a steemit or equivalent decentralised platform EXCLUSIVE
-Must be a topic appropriate for this channel
-Films to be of a professional standard (we will make exceptions for exceptional content)

We are interested in the 'red pill' topics. The kind of topics that push beyond that which we perceive as our reality. There is a world of deception going on out there and here on Steemit we want to share our findings honestly and interact with other users who are keen to learn more.


We will be launching with a documentary in which an energy sector expert gives us his controversial thoughts on how the entire energy system is being controlled by a centralised monopoly.

The Energy Deception (working title) will open your eyes to the scale of this problem and how simple the solution could be if we just woke up to the simple facts of this situation.


We are a collective of experienced film-makers and cryptoccurrency activists from around the world, intent on using our skills for the better good of this planet. Now is the time to WAKE UP!


We are new to this platform so would greatly appreciate any support we can get. It is our intention to consistently provide you with quality, thought-provoking films & documentaries and will curate any suggested films as quickly as we can.

Many thanks for your time and we trust you will enjoy what we have in store for you.

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Thank you for your dedication to our collective enlightenment


My pleasure. I love love love your picture and words about. Thank you so much :)

I have already been following as I am excited to see what SteemTV means and brings to the community!
I am UPVoting this post as this is a great preview and want to support such a venture!
I am also very interested in working with you on projects as I do a LOT of my own projects of which you could air and or working on some together that are of common interest and of which I would have value to bring to the project.
Check out my websites at and
Best Regards~*~


Great stuff. I checked out your gardenofeden site and wow, I love it! Reminds me of my old home in the UK. These days I live in an eco community in Bali. Do you have any film work relating to eco community development?


I will check out the site!
Bali + Eco Community must = AWESOME!
I have LOTS of video, not sure what you really want but have been recording for years various things. More importantly I am about to begin a new full scale project of much larger scale and greater implication.
WILL have lots of full coverage and documentation of that for sure!

Great Idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what content you attract!


Me too! We have a few things ready for release, but really hoping the community gets involved here :)

Fantastic idea. Looking forward to seeing some films. Thank you for your hard work.


Thanks so much. You will love what we have in store for you!

I love Graham Hancock, I am looking forward to your ventutre!


It was an awesome talk, though to be fair, I wasn't able to fully take it in until the edit. Was mostly focusing on my two cameras. Just exporting part 1 now ready for uploading tonight....

up voted and followed


Great. Thank you. I am sure you will find this one interesting... Exporting from my edit suite now! Ready for upload.

This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Happy to upvote and share this on Twitter✔ for my followers to read. Now following and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Cheers. Stephen


Many thanks for your comment. Hope you enjoy what we have in store for you :)


You're welcome. Looking forward to your ideas. Will keep an eye on my feed. Stephen

Sounds like an interesting project - looking forward to watching! :)


Many thanks. Hope you enjoy our first production... coming in the next few hours :)

Here at Pass The Piece ✌️ we are very excited to show our support! Support the truth and make no exceptions! Thank you for sharing and we're looking forward to sharing your content with our customers/fans/followers/friends 🙏

Will there be room for TV and movie fan fiction, for example?


We would only really be able to answer this by watching your content. However as a general rule, the content should aim to break conventions, push further than the 'norm'. Could be fiction, but not fiction for entertainment sake alone. Must have a deeper message.


Yuppers...I don't know if I'll get to the "videoing" stage, but my scifi writing has visions/dreams" with archetypal messaging and words with multiple layers of meanings...


Many thanks. Hope you enjoy our first production... Coming before the end of the day :)

Followed Graham Hancock for years and fascinated with his work, so very excited to learn more about Gunung Padang . The Energy Deception feels extremely well timed also, the time is now for humanity to know some truths.

Bless you for bring this forward and through the power of Steem! Also thanks @samstonehill for the heads up, he's started a public facebook group for fellow aspiring Steemians. Join us


Thanks @kenisytles for the lovely comments and yes, let's all help each other here! Groups seem to be a good way to do this. Will be posting part 1 of the Graham Hancock talk in a few hours.... when the 3.5G file finishes uploading to Youtube!!!!



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@ontofractal I am new here, so not exactly sure what this means? I assume being linked to you is a good thing right?

i'm interested in learning about the energy stuff

Looks fantastic!!!