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Ciao Steemians,

A friendly neighbor introduced me to Steem today so here I am! :)
My name is Roberto. I'm Italian, born and bred. But I've lived in London since 2003 and now I've just finished my first year in NY. Hope to stay in the big apple for longer...

I'm an IT consultant and the proud daddy of a 3yo princess. But I am also an avid photographer who specializes in fashion editorial. I've also dabbled with travel, wildlife and macro photography. So I will share my photos here.

I will start with one of my recent favorites, taken in Central Park. The set it belongs to has been published on Linger Magazine.
Hope you like it :)

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Wow, awesome to have you here Roberto! The lighting in this photo is fantastic. Welcome to Steemit

If you wouldn't mind would you verify it's you via your twitter?


I know Roberto is indeed a great photographer from NYC! But a formal verification would be a good idea too)


Looking forward to your twitter followers on Steemit ))))




Hey I've tweeted right now but I am not 100% sure what I need to do?


Awesome thank you. Something like that is to verify yourself, because when money gets involved some people try to scam with identity theft and such. I was pretty sure you were legit to begin with, but it's good to be sure! Again, welcome :)

For the people interested, this was taken in July in Central Park (upper west side) and the yellow was done in post (the original is quite green). The model (Ashley) was lighted with a Profoto Air B1 500 with a beauty dish. We were in the shade so lightning was not particularly challenging

welcome to steemit... nice to see you....^^

Welcome to steemit..feel free to Upvote, follow and comment


Hi neighbor NewYorker! Great to see you here! Waiting for more photos:)

If you have good photos and you add some great comments with them, then you'll easy find followers. Welcome.

Welcome to the community Roberto. May I know the name of your model? She's gorgeous. I'm from philippines.


Hey there, she is Ashely Sara Haas. She's with Next Miami


Great. It's to know somebody of great talent. See you around.

so great!

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