18 year-old lifts incredible 565 lbs! Bringing powerlifting to Steemit.

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What's up Steemers?!

 I'm Mitch.

I am a 19 year old who is extremely motivated to growing myself physically and mentally everyday. 

I truly believe that striving to become the strongest version of yourself has tremendous value towards life.

Every day I wake up I am learning more about myself and the world through powerlifting, fitness, health, nutrition, and my goals which will not only help me in the gym, but transfer into the world outside it. 

The more I lift the greater my life gets. 

Below is a photo of me kicking ass in 2014 (handsome stud), and then kicking even more ass in 2016.

Above: 2014, December.

Above: 2016, May.

It takes a disciplined mindset which can never be broken to become a true man of iron. 

Below is a video of me from a powerlifting competition with Kansas State University (where I am currently a sophomore) back in May earlier this year. I lifted 565 lbs for deadlift at age 18, 190 lbs. It was my personal best record, and I also set collegiate records for my weight and age.

I want to blog on Steemit about powerlifting and life relations.

Every little bit of dedication and loyalty inside me that I have for the weights - I have for my life goals.

I want to share my journey through lifting with freaks, girls with big buttcheeks, and traveling the world with you guys - and to also share my techniques and offer advice where I can in regards to fitness.

Comment below what you guys want to learn about from me in the topics of powerlifting, bodybuilding, fitness, gym, or even life advice that can be used in the real world every damn day.


Welcome to Steemit Mitch. You have found the newest social media site that will change how we look at all the others. I will follow you and see whats up...

Thank you for the like peacekeeper, I will definitely follow you back!

welcome to you Mitch . You have the air of someone motivated! an important value for me. see you soon follow me if you want

Thank you lajulius for the comment and appreciation! Stay motivated, I will follow you for sure!

Nice post on powerlifting. I remember my mother goes to Australia with her boyfriend coach of Francois demeure represent Belgium in Olympic game in powerlifting ;)

That's incredible it would be awesome to meet Francois and lift with him! Thanks for the post I will follow back!

the world is small ;) thank's for following

Welcome Mitch.
I'll see if I can bump your reputation up from 25.

This looks awesome @papa-pepper thank you very much for the bump up! I will absolutely follow you and check out your posts!

No problem @powerliftmitch!

Welcome to steemit my friend!

OK, you are a 32 now.
That looks better!

Copy and paste this image address to get this logo/signature that I created for you.
I think it's pretty good for a starter.

Here is a smaller one too.
I like to put one at the end of my posts so that people remember, plus it adds a little personal flavor and professionalism!
If you don't like them you don't have to use it!

very nice work, I want to invest myself into steemit and promote it in Belgium

Incredible Hulk...wow...nice meeting u.

Haha! thank you @Hanamana I will follow you for sure!

welcome to the comunity , you are a very strong man!

Thank you @loona, I will check your stuff out and follow. Thanks for the vote!

Bringing some POWER to Steemit! Upvoted.

Hell yeah! Same goes for you!

Nice, and welcome to Steemit! I'm hoping to do some lifting posts sometime soon. There's a pretty big art community here, we gotta work and fill out the fitness community too :p

Sounds good man I agree 100% let me know if you need any help I will for sure follow you back!

Great job, Mitch. Powerlifting changed my life and it's obvious that it changed yours, as well. Followed!

Thank you eat out my butt. Stay strong my friend and Steem on!