Join the happy crypto dance as steem & cryptos are taking over the world!

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After some months of sluggish trading moments and price of cryptos and our dear steem deeping very low, it is refreshing to see things turning around in the crypto world with BTC targeting 10K$, ether 700, EOS 20 and Steem looking up to surpass 5$. More so very glad to see elyte ( completing a milestone in their website video and advancing to Q2 in their development.
Furthermore, Steem is bullish and even surpassing SBD for some time now which is a good sign for hodlers. This is happening even as we are yet to witness the launch of the forthcoming SMT and HF20.

This means we have good things ahead waiting for hodlers of steem and all steamians in general. So let's keep steeming hot and enjoy the happy dance.

If you agree with me, resteem to inspire someone and send in your comments confirming if you feel optimistic about steems future or not and follow me so we can keep in touch. Do kindly give me an upvote if you agree.

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will surely join the positive vibe. steem here i come. thanks for this post. upped

YEs... this small video.... it can happen if you look too much Futurama :))
There is same a crab who does the same moves.

Haha. The moves get to haters more and no matter what they do, steem and crypto will rule the world 👍

Yes .... We all here like steemit :) I like it very.

lolzzz, crypto dance will soon take over, crypto dance is going wide to parties

Sure and haters will surely join the party

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I agree that the future of steam price could increase again

Yes. Increasing already. Good one. Tks

Hahahaha this dance is amazing...

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