To live long, adhere to this Twenty One Commandments of Long Life

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Do you wanna live long and enjoy your investment in steem and crypto?:
then make sure you keep to these rules...

To live healthy, you have to be health smart and ;

Keep Running away from Red meats. Ensure you avoid red meat as much as you can.

Endeavor to go for boiled egg, fish and fresh poultry meat.

Endeavor to avoid catfish.

Very vital to run away from microwave food.

Avoid alcohol.

Keep off smoking

Keep off multiple sex partners

Keep off hydrogenated oil

Make sure you run away from carbonated soft drinks

Run far away from the public toilet!

Avoid can-drink and can-food

Avoid Imported fruits and vegs and go for fresh ones from your local market

Endeavor to have sexual intercourse from time to time, with your spouse

Keep off fruit juice and go for freshly squeezed.

Endeavor to sleep for complete eight hours every day

Make sure you engage in fruit-fasting at least once in every two weeks (one day or 3 days)

Go for original honey and avoid sugar

Go for fresh vegetables

Endeavor to monitor/check your blood pressure

Make sure you check your blood sugar level

Finally to live long, try and avoid malice, grudge and unforgiving attitudes.

Be aware that, untimely death will affect your loved ones negatively, as no one will take care of your loved ones better than you when you are gone, as such, make sure you take care of your health as best as you can.

Be health smart, prevention they say is better than cure. Do make sure also you eat right, exercise and get enough rest... Can't stop loving you all.

Wishing us all a wonderful week ahead.

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add to that: eating whole foods instead of refined/processed foods as much as possible.

Good one. Tks for the addition and let's keep in touch 💪

Very good health tips. Will ensure I do the needful always. Tks for sharing.

nice tips, thankyou!

welcome as always. lets keep in touch

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