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Hello, good morning/afternoon to all ladies and gentleman. How many times didn't you tried to get the person you like drunk in a party in order to fuck? Or how many times did you had this wild feeling of just want to get drunk and give to ALL of your PEOPLE a WILD and TRUE party experience? Or, Just how many times have you been flooded in your room thinking what to do on friday? Oh, that's right, a lot of times, but I DON'T want ANYONE to be like that, just wanting "things".

I am not talking to no anyone, i am talking to EVERYONE LAST ONE, to YOU, to your Brother that jerks off while you're shitting and ask you for help because he wants to fuck, to your father who keep his weed in the his trunk and hides, to don't smoke weed in front of you and your mom, TO EVERY SINGLE MEN, AND WOMEN, that were HOPELESS AND NEEDED TO GET SOME PUSSY.FOR YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, THAT WANTED TO STRIKE HARD THE PARTY. Don't do it for me, do it for ALL OF THEM. Do it, for the The cause. Do it, for everyone.

I am Daniel Alfonsi, an 17 years old kid, and as long as everyone exist, i'll make all people that felt asocial and bad happy. Doing the most outstanding party the world has ever seen, with all of YOUR help. The help of the cause, of every last one of you. Thanks.

Digital Note:

GoFundme: gofundme.com/la-fiesta

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