Hi, Newbie here! Introduce myself while melting like ice cream.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Julia or short Juls. I'm an artist, dreamer, introvert, creative person from Germany. I love beeing creative, books, fantasy, nature, and sunshine.

I heard about steemit from my artist friend @Maysi-Art and thought that's a good way to meet new interesting people here.


So what I do...

First I'm melting :). It's very hot right now here.

The main time I make creations for my little boho online shop. I create and design boho dreamcatcher wall hangings and jewelry.




But I also love drawing and painting and enjoy the meditative and relaxing way to draw Zentangles and Mandalas.


I'm a crafter too and like it to play with different materials and all DIY things.

Explosion box.jpg


I'm a little bit to creative sometimes, but I love everything I do and so much more. The days are always to short :( .

The world needs more creativity, so I'll post some of my art, tutorials, what inspired me and behind the scene stuff here and would be happy to meet other creative folks and artists here.

And while I'm thinking about what to post next ( and still melting away), I'm cooking pasta with tomatoes, olive oil and parsley. I'ts way to hot to stay long at the stove :) .


Have a great sunny day !

"Keep calm and be creative"

Etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/shop/DreamlikeD

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Hello julsworld! Welcome to Steemit! Hope you'll like the community here. As a start, here are 5 tips that we believe will be helpful to you:

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  5. Have Fun and Enjoy!

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Thank you for the tips :)

First of all I admire your photography. This is superb. Nice intro and Happy to meet you. All steemi community welcome you. our support is always with you. Best of luck dear


Hello @hamzayousaf. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and your kind words :) ! I took all my photos with my smartphone and try my best so that they turned out well.

You are a friend of Maysi and Nadine? And you are an introvert, a dreamer, and a creative person? That sounds like my kind of people :).

I hope you will stay around and make a lot of new friends on Steemit. And if you are looking to chat with people, explore the many various Discord channels for Steemit, we even have a community of artists.

Welcome to Steemit and have fun! :D



Hi @scrawly, yes I'm . Oh it's great to meet another dreamer :) . I hope so too, i think there are many interesting people here.

Thank you so much for your welcome :)

Hey @julsworld. Welcome to Steemit and good luck!!!

Welcome to steemit @julsworld if you have any questions, I am at your disposal, I am part of a school that teaches how to be successful in steemit.


We are here to help you grow, we have live classes every day by DISCORD, we have servers in several languages and countries.

Personally I recommend having all the servers added, since in each one they are contesting and you can promote your post


day 12.jpg


Thank you :)

Hi @julsworld, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @maysiart doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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Hello @julsworld! Welcome to Steemit! My name is @borges.barilla and I love curate content, especially when created by new users.

First of all, I enjoyed a lot your mandala drafts. Really unique to find someone with this particular interest. (I love that, and had some mandalas as front-end for some posts)

You are receiving an upvote from me (~0.04$) hoping it will motivate you to keep producing valuable content and contributing to the Steemit Community.

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Great content will be Resteemed.

See you around!



Aww, many many thanks @borges.barilla ! Nice to meet another mandala lover here :) . I'll show more of this. And thank you for the upvote!

Best wishes

Welcome to steemit community @julsworld. Your arts and crafts seem interesting. I hope you'll show to the community every bits of it.

Keep steeming!

Warm regards,


Thank you so much @steemwarrior . I'm glad you like my stuff :)


Looking forward for your success here in the community..

Best regards,


I'm very curious about it :)


Just dont forget to upvote folow or resteem your favorite blogs. There will be a corresponding award for every upvote you make.

Choosing wisely 5 words to be used as your tags will help you reach other steemians to read your post.

As for now, I'm trying to help other steemians through this account.

I will do my best to read quality contents if someone will use #steemwarrior as one of his/her tags.

That's all for now. Feel free to ask questions regarding this platform. I am sure the community will be willing to help.



Yes, I'll don't forget. Thank you so much for the tips and for resteem my post :) ! Have a great day

Huhu! Willkommen bei Steemit! :D


Hallihallo :) . Danke Nadine ! Das Internet ist klein ;)


Scheint so! :D

Welcome to Steem, @julsworld!

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Thanks a lot @samal . I'll try my best :) .

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Yay, welcome to steemit :)
and thanks for finding me here too :)
by the way there is a discord radio show to promote fiber artists and crafts, if you're new on steemit consider to download discord cos lots of challenges and shows happened there. Settle, have fun! :) Blessings!


Yay, that's cool :) . Thank you for the tips. I've so much to learn here.

Warm regards!

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welcome to steemit juls. good luck and have a great prosperity

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Thank you for your welcome :) !

Hey, da bist du ja! :-)
Schöner erster Beitrag mit tollen Fotos!
Die Box ist übrigens toll, die kannte ich noch gar nicht.


Ja, endlich geschafft. Schwere Geburt der erste Post :) . Danke dir, das war eine Explosion Box als Geburtstagsgeschenk mit Gutschein. Davon hab ich schon mehere verschenkt. Guck mal auf Pinterest, da hab ich ein paar Scrapbooking Karten unter my crafts :)


Ab jetzt wird´s leichter, der erste Post ist, glaube ich, immer der schwerste.
Ich geh mal gucken. Wirklich arg schön :-)


Wahrscheinlich. Danke schön :)

Hi there! Love all the colors and charm to boot.


Hi @artwatch. Thanks so much :) . I'm glad you like it all!

Welcome! Your stuff looks beautiful, you're gonna do justtt fine here! xx


Thank you @tigerlily321 , glad you like my stuff :)