Hello dear Steemit community! My name is Mihai Ionescu and I would like to introduce myself.

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Hi there!

My name is Mihai and i will be posting with the user @ionescu here on steemit.


I was advised a week ago by my dear friend @misu to check out this new social network called Steemit.
As both of us are quite creative and have a lot to offer I decided to accept his offer and join.

I´ve been having tons of fun checking the community out while waiting for confirmation and now that I´ve finally been confirmed I am ready to get to work!

I am specially interested in music and photography, dabble in video and I also enjoy cooking quite a lot.

For now I will mostly limit myself to posting music and maybe some photos.

Little by little I hope to provide a more colourful palette to the community.

As my first action I gave Dtube a try and uploaded a piano improvisation from a while back.

Watch Cloud Gymnastics - You know what video on DTube

This little project I entitled Cloud Gymnastics because it´s a pretty personal take on the world that I want to be surrounded by I guess.

I always have the desire to be up in the clouds, to be weightless, peaceful and without stress.

Without superficial worries.

Anyway the piano I used is a Kustom 88 electric piano(not the one in the photo). I also used a reverb pedal called Delayla.
I think it has to be my favourite delay pedal so far. I just like the wholebody sound i generates.

All those ware jacked in a vintage Fender Twin Reverb I think I recall right.

I know the quality of the video or the audio aren´t the best but they waren´t meant to be the best.

The recordings ware made in order to capture that exact moment. The medium you use to record it with doesn´t really matter that much as long as it succeded to capture that very same essence that was needed to be captured.

I am really curious about your opinions about not really composing music but just playing the moment.
If you have any of those moments please, share.

Pretty soon I will start uploading tons of tracks on Dtube and uploading photos of gear I use and stuff like that so if you follow me you will be able to find them faster.

Really excited to be here and hope to become a significant cog to this whole mechanism.

Peace, love and respect!


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Welcome to Steem @ionescu I have upvoted and sent you a tip


Much obliged!

Oh and by the way. Obviouslly I have no idea how to embed the videos in the post so...help? someone?

Hi @ionescu, Welcome to Steem, remember me when you are rich :]


wow thx. i am really digging this community already!

Welcome to Steemit @ionescu, I have upvoted and sent you a tip. Check my blogs if you are looking for tips on how to earn more Steem and SBD.


Thank you sir! I will check it out thanks a lot!

Welcome dude. Have fun. Following you now.


Thank you! Check out the little track, tell me what you think!

Welcome @ionescu :-)


thx for the welcome sally!

Welcome to steemit. followed n upvoted

really happy to see you in here bro!! welcome welcome welcome!!! lookin forward to your post dude haha


it´s all your fault you know


i take full responsibility haha

Good one! I looked at your profile and noticed that you have made a fresh account so I wanted to give you my welcome. You get an upvote and never stop posting!
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Nice to meet you @ionescu and welcome! I upvoted your post and resteemed it. Looking forward to more posts from you. I followed you, too.


thank you sally! following you also!

Welcome Mihai ! Your intro is excellent. Keep up your great work. Best wishes from Munich 2U.

You should correct the redirect link to your steemit profile to https://steemit/@ionescu , it actually is wrong leading to https://steemit/@ionescu which is bad. ;)


could you explain yourself better? i don't understand the difference