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RE: Steemit- Here I am :-)

A very warm, rainy welcome Zen, raining mice and men on the beautiful south coast tonight ✌ not the best weather for camping but here I am camping with my son next to the umtentweni river


I know tomorrow will bring sunny skies and hot coffee, so all is good.

Wishing you a great Steemit adventure X


And you too :) well rain can be a bit of a damper when camping, hope everything was able to stay dry! Good to see you. That looks just like a table of James'

Thank you! The rain passed and it was a breathtakingly beautiful day <3 yes the table is just like James'; a don't go camping without it table, or leave at home for the girls art table, or go to the dj gig with Michael table ;)IMG-20180324-WA0024.jpeg

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