Steemit- Here I am :-)

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Hello Steemians! My name is Zen. I get asked if thats my birth name all the time and yes, it is. My Mum called me Zen and its led me to a study of what it means. An in depth, experiential study. Its also led me to the beginning of a career as a meditation teacher.


Its just in my nature to want to get to the bottom of things, to really understand what they're about. Perhaps that's my Scorpio nature. Maybe its just what makes me tick. Either way, I'm very serious about uncovering truth.


Im also a lover of beauty- I believe that we humans are noble creatures at our core, full of beauty. I endeavour to create beauty with my life, and so I play guitar and perform with fire. Or play with fire and perform with a guitar, it depends on the occasion. Of course life is not all full of beauty but thats truth and thats beautiful.


I live in South Africa, on the south coast of the Zulu Kingdom. I've lived all over SA, travelling a lot as I grew up. I spent the first few years of my life living in Sri-Lanka and India while my Mum studied alternative medicine, so I've grown up learning all about wholistic medicine, acupuncture points, spiritual healing, meditation and homeopathy. My family and I are Buddhist.

I have four little half siblings (who I love with all my heart) and am the eldest by ten years so I do my best to be a good example and thats a blessing. Here they are-


And finally I also spend a few days a week as assistant manager at Rocky Ridge Music Venue, a lovely venue that hosts a wide range of South Africas talented musicians (and occasionally some international ones).


Hooray, I'm glad to be on Steem and hope to make a positive contribution to the community.


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welcome buddhaboy,,,, and good luck

Welcome to Steemit! Feel free to check out my blog, I’ve been writing on meditations and my followed list has many people writing on the topic as well. Enjoy!

Awesome, will definitely take a look :-)

Righteous, through and through. Welcome to Steemit!
Allow me to share you a few links that may help you on your way!:
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  1. Welcome to the New Paradigm - Planet Steemit by @craigahamilton (yours truly)
  2. Sharing Some of My Steemit Wisdom... by @vimukthi
  3. A User Guide to Steemit Wallet Delegation and Leasing Steem Power by @mslifesteem
  4. Steemit Newbie Guide to How NOT to waste SBD by @spiritualmax
  5. An Extensive Markdown Guide by @blevley

And again, WELCOME!

Thank you for sharing with us @buddhaboy!

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Welcomeeee :))))))

Thank you :-)

Welcome Buddha boy 💚✨✌️

Hello :-) thank you

Heya Zen, welcome to Steemit man! Glad you're here..

Im glad to be here :) hello

A very warm, rainy welcome Zen, raining mice and men on the beautiful south coast tonight ✌ not the best weather for camping but here I am camping with my son next to the umtentweni river


I know tomorrow will bring sunny skies and hot coffee, so all is good.

Wishing you a great Steemit adventure X

And you too :) well rain can be a bit of a damper when camping, hope everything was able to stay dry! Good to see you. That looks just like a table of James'

Thank you! The rain passed and it was a breathtakingly beautiful day <3 yes the table is just like James'; a don't go camping without it table, or leave at home for the girls art table, or go to the dj gig with Michael table ;)IMG-20180324-WA0024.jpeg

welcome Buddhaboy, lovely to see ya

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