Introduce Yourself: Me myself and a little PC

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Hello steemians
I wanted to introduce myself to you.
I am a man who live in Poland and learn IT technology in college from 2 years.
I'm proud of walking to this school but i wanted to extend my experience and I started
making a graphic. My favorite type is 3D i make my own project , i use my own materials and styles. I used to use computer from about ten years , from start i always liked the computer , first Windows was exciting as hell to me I needed to learn all about it. Now in college I configure servers and personal computers. I love what I'm doing. I think Steemit will help me to achieve a higher level of knowledge. qwerty.jpg
More about me? I am a simple man who loves PC from gaming to repairing parts.
-I like rock music
-Fantasy movies <3
-Favourite game - The Witcher 3
-I have three pets two cats and one dog

     I will be grateful of any  advices on steemit posting


Thanks for reading Regards :)

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Witamy kolejnego Polaka na Steemit!

Życzymy udanego korzystania z tej platformy i tylko kilka takich informacji na początek, które warto wziąć pod uwagę:

  • jeżeli interesują cię dokładniejsze informacje o Steemicie to polecam śledzić @steemit-polska, gdzie pojawiają się tłumaczenie oficjalnych tekstów ze @steemitblog,
  • polski kanał chatu jest dostępny na i wymaga osobnej rejestracji,
  • co nieco o Markdown, w którym prosto tworzy się nowe posty,
  • tag polish używamy do postów z polską treścią, jeżeli chcesz pisać w innych językach to prosimy nie wpisywanie do tego polish (dla postów z przedstawieniem robimy wyjątki),
  • najważniejsze: na Steemit tworzymy nowe treści, nie kopiujemy z innych stron.

Hi @Dudusmiux, first of all greetings till Poland, that beautiful Land!! I've seen a lot of people here from there, you will find!! I like 3D animation too I think is great but I'm trying to find some time to improve skills. I find steemit through if you have videos you can put them into the blockchain there and they go into steemit automaticaly with the first tag as dtube, after you can edit your post on steemit as you prefer!! I send good vibes and all the best for the journey!! :)

Welcome to steemit dudusmixus2 I wish you success and a fun time here.

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You sound like an interesting guy, and similar to my oldest son, @dudusmixus2! Ho loves computers, and has loved them since the first day he played on one as a child. He now works in IT, and is happy he can make a living with computers. I am interested in reading your future articles, so I hope you continue to write in English. Cheers!


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