Frustrated Steem Miner Switches to Gardening

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@cryptohead's Reflection

After over 3 months of having joined the Steem blockchain, I have decided to quit mining Steem, move on, and reveal a reflection on myself and some of my other passions.

I have been active working on Steem almost from day-one in my work field; Internet Hosting Services and Data Center Maintenance in Costa Rica.
We have been running a couple of beefy dedicated servers as steem miners, and making a few SteemPower coins per week.
Not much, but enough to make you feel you are helping a system you believe in, and using our idle Internet resources and power, and getting some reward for doing it.

Sadly, the situation has changed drastically in the past two weeks.

A few "Bots" or "Pools" have managed to override the "Botnet Resistant" and "Mining Pool Resistant" features of Steem.

See Steem Whitepaper (page 24)

These individuals now dominate the Steem Mining Pool, making it practically impossible for regular CPU mining rigs to get into the Miner's Queue and get a reward.
See the Steem mining queue live here (right column) : and notice how the "rabbit" and "gxt-1080" pools dominate over 95% of the queue.
A hard fork was performed to solve of a similar issue in the past:
Here are a few of the alerts done by unmotivated Steem miners in the past week:

If this issue is not solved by the developers, we are at the beginning of a mining race "à la Bitcoin" that will lead to the centralization of the Steem mining by a few elites.

So it is time for "the people" to forget about Steem mining, stop frying your hardware on a useless cause, and move on to something else ;(

Yeah, Yeah. In my case, I'm moving to Gardening and specially Cymbidium orchids culture.
If you like Cymbidium Orchids visit my site at

Photography is another of my pastimes. Visit Costa Rica Photos to see my photo collection.

So, bye bye to Steem Mining and hello to Gardening Cymbidiums and Photography!

Today's Blooming Cymbidiums


thanks for sharing this material. I like what you've publicado.Muchas Thanks

Nice flowers! We want to see more.. maybe share your gardening secrets with us! Pura vida!

Yes, I'll be posting Cymbidium Culture Secrets every once in a while.
Thanks for your comment!

There is a bounty out for an open source GPU mining program but AFAIK no one has claimed it yet. You'll probably earn more by posting pictures of your flowers here anyway :)

I think you are right!
Maybe a picture of my cat will draw more rewards than a whole day of futile mining ;)

And the steemit oligarchy grows stronger.

thanks for posting this summary, nice plants/ pics too!

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