Introducing myself to Steemit. I am upset people while under the influence of various drugs and technologies.

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You can call me Anders. I am strange dude, writer,multi-media artist and musician.


As far as visual art, I work mostly in ink, acrylic paint, and collage. My work has been

considered "Outsider Art" by my peers. My work has been shown in galleries in New Orleans

intermitennly and I have done the album art for several extreme metal bands both signed and


Musically, I have 11 albums and EP's under my belt. I play guitar (an eight string since 2011.)

Bass, Mandolin, Keyboard instruments and drums. I also perform vocals. (I am not sure if I can

link to my soundcloud here yet.) Stylistically, I have music recorded in the style of Black Metal,

Death Metal,Grindcore, Hardcore Punk, Indie Rock, Industial Electronic and Traditional

Scandinavian Folk Music. I have been involved with the soundtracks of two independent films.

I like to get stoned and write poetry and "philosophy". I write daily and also enjoy writing dumb

shit on my walls and door (and yours if you'll let me.)

I also make things from dead animals and dead friends.


I'll admit. I'm no angel. I spent some time in prison in my 20's and 30's, but I never hurt a fool

if they didn't deserve it. Most of my shit is influenced by that trash, and the psychoses

thereof...Fun times


Welcome to Steem. So what are your views on cannabis? Also i see you are using the tag psychonaut. We would love to hear some trip reports. Just make sure you dont forget the Weedcash tag. This front end is specifically for cannabis and psychedelic related content. We wish you much success.


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Thanks for the welcome. To me, cannabis is the cure-all for depression, anxiety and PTS. I've run the gambit of anti-depressants and benzos and got not relief. Smoking up helps me forget about the bad shit and lets me focus on my writing, music and art. I also enjoy LSD, shrooms, and....I know....Robitussin. I do a ton of creative writing while tripping and that's probably what I'll be mostly posting until I get set up to do trip videos, etc. I look forward to diving in and getting some good content up. Thanks again.

Thanks man! Got another friend on here.

nice work on spreading the word!✌️😄

Welcome andersart!
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Welcome to the Steem community! We are all pretty much fellow weirdos so you will fit right in!

Yeah this 420 will be lit.

Welcome to STEEM! Hope to see you around in discord as well.


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