WindSong takes flight on Steemit!

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Hello, my name is Daisy WindSong, and I live in Dallas, TX in a little tiny house/recording studio but all of that is about to change and once again I will be soaring in the wind. I am a full time musician, healer, and movement organizer

My life wasn't always this simple. I came from a tough background; but it's what I make of it that matters most to me

I have dedicated my life to healing the planet through eradicating the suffering within myself. I do this best through my musical expression

I also utilize performance as a platform to ignite change within my community

Because if I can heal then so can you

I am releasing a new demo tomorrow. Sign up for the drop @
Please accept it as my gift to you

Henna by @danilamarilu


Welcome to Steemit! You're going to love it here. Would you like to play us a song at Open Mic? Come meet other musicians.

Hello @luzcypher! What a lovely idea! I shall indeed!

I loved your entry. We're having so much fun here and the fire dancing was a nice touch too.

Welcome to Steemit Daisy! - This is Jack from S2P

Yay, the tribe is all joining steemit very exciting:)
Daisy will enjoy it here, don't you think?

Welcome to steemit daisy, I think you'll like it here ^_^
If you have any questions then feel free to ask me in the steemit chat.

How are you so beautiful? Great post @windsongmovment :)

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