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RE: "I Turn Sheep Into Lions." By Gregory Mannarino

in #introduce6 years ago

Myrmidons! My brothers of the sword! I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands! Let no man forget how menacing we are, we are lions! Do you know what's there... waiting beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! It's yours!


Hey Greg trying to get all my gear for the fight, need to know where we should go to buy bitcoin? Heeeelllp! ; )

I use Coinbase. They have easy access, Extra Vault Security, if you need it. They LInk directly to your Nominated Bank Account.
Cheers Gazza.

Check out Jeff Berwick's "The Dollar Vigilante" post recently on Bitcoin, where he actually gave some away showing how easy it is to use. He also just did on on Steem today.

And by the way we would follow you to whatever ends Greg ;-)

Does he play guitar? I would pay to see him on stage, live!

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