"I Turn Sheep Into Lions." By Gregory Mannarino

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Most of you here already know who I am and what I do, but please allow me to re-introduce myself and ask a question...

Who are you? A Sheep or a Lion?
If you are a Sheep, I promise to do whatever I can to turn you into a "Rip The Face Off This Market Beast."
Not just the stock market, but I will outline for you what you need to know so you can capitalize on any asset class.

On my blog I post articles and videos which will keep you right on top of the action across these markets and why? Because I want us ALL to win. Period.

Here is a link to my blog: https://steemit.com/@marketreport

Gregory Mannarinome steem.png


Welcome @marketreport to Steemit. You have joined at a great time. Please follow me @hongphuong

Myrmidons! My brothers of the sword! I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands! Let no man forget how menacing we are, we are lions! Do you know what's there... waiting beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! It's yours!

Hey Greg trying to get all my gear for the fight, need to know where we should go to buy bitcoin? Heeeelllp! ; )

I use Coinbase. They have easy access, Extra Vault Security, if you need it. They LInk directly to your Nominated Bank Account.
Cheers Gazza.

Check out Jeff Berwick's "The Dollar Vigilante" post recently on Bitcoin, where he actually gave some away showing how easy it is to use. He also just did on on Steem today.

And by the way we would follow you to whatever ends Greg ;-)

Does he play guitar? I would pay to see him on stage, live!

Your info is valuable! Thank you!

Great Post! Very Inspirational. Currently a minnow working to be a whale

We may be sheep but let me say this : i fear not an army of lions led by a sheep but i fear an army of sheep led by a lion . You're our lion and we are the army of sheep following you till we are lions ourself .. one fine day

Listening to your Youtube channel and followed your advice to join Steemit! Thanks...keep up the good work.

and by the way the enrollment process was really simple and fast.

Hi Mr Mannarino, just wanted to say that I have been following you for a while on yt and that you are the reason i am on Steemit. This is my first comment ever! Thank you and may God be good to you and yours, :)

I was unaware who you were until some Crypto folks in this longer than me, all said the same things so I am following you now.

I am newer to Crypto but I post a lot of content on it, updates, charts, observations, market updates, etc.

I'm the only person tracking the BTC market and updating from a Canadastan perspective.

I'm from the Real Estate sector and have always been a numbers guy. I've been an activist in my country and city with some level of notieriety since 2009.

A bit about me, dropping by to say hi.

I'm a tiger....raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

You just had to out do me now, didn't you???!!!!

Love you brother! I joined you! haha!

You are the greatest wizard I've ever known Greg, for turning so many sheep into lions!

We all have eachother's backs here in Greg's Steemit community it's awesome

Nice work, think we will do a re introduction as well! So glad we are all building this together. I would love to do an interview with you one time!

Can you turn a seal into a whale?


Havn't seen you in a while, thanks for promoting steemit!

You rock (checks back of guitar to read the label), Springfield!

I have been afraid to trade this market for about 1.5 years now. Seems like the bubbles might be popping soon. Do you think we have another year to go before the bubbles blow up?

I would like to think am a Lion but when it comes to Crypto I feel a bit sheepish. That being said I am getting warmed up to it though.
Currently right now I am turning a boring day at work to a fun filled day of blogging! Lol

The fact that you are here makes you a raging Lion.

Woohoo!!! Hi Greg nice to meet you here.

I am glad you are here my Lion friend!

If they don't know you yet, I think eventually they will.

Hey Greg can you expand on these terms for me just a bit.. Market Cap, Volume (24h), Thanks in advanced..

Thank you so much for introducing me to steemit.

Bitcoin dollar denomination must be proportional to the velocity of bitcoin in the system, since supply is fixed and greater computing power is required to track increasing volume of transactions. Unless everybody is swapping bitcoins for day to day e-commerce, there is no utility for it. Buy and hold investors will get burned and deservedly so.

Greg, you are the MAN!
I just put up my first post, people, please have a look, its not great, but its informative, a Lion in the making..
Thank you.

This is just another one of your very informative posts. I listened to you more than a year ago about your stock market picks. I also took your advise and became my own central banker. I can honestly say this was good advice and I wont be one of the fools expecting the US GOV to help me. Any one who says this is fake is surely mistaken, thanks my friend

In the process of waking up (aren't we all?) and I'm glad to know that others are out there who are willing to share the power of their knowledge. Thanks for the great info!

Thank you for all you do!

Thank you my friend. I have your back.

check it out greg, had a "hot" steemit story trending right by yours a moment ago! Pretty cool for me! Been enjoying steemit since you recommended it.

Greg! Been following you on Youtube for a while. When you started talking about Steemit, I had to jump on it, not only to earn Steem, but also to start moving away from platforms like Youtube who are making a huge effort to censor their content to fit the MSM narratives. Thanks for all you do!

Thank you! You are also very wise.

great content.sound advice. the voice of experience . the real deal.thankyou for all you do.keep it up.

You are a Lion! Thank you!!

Great content and good advice. The voice of experience. Thank you for all you do.

Been following you on Youtube for years. Thanks for introducing me to Steemit

great stock/options picks Greg.thanks for the good old-fashion common sense Pete

Have been following your stuff and even read your book. Thanks for sharing info on steemit! All appreciated!

We are half sheep half lions. Make us some full-grown lion beasts!!!

As a lion not sheeple to me I find your videos a common sense link to the rest of the world. It is a confirmation that I am on the right track with my thinking as well. A mental bounce board is probably a better name. Thanks for all your effort and endeavours.

keep up the good work

Thanks Gregory. Your the reason why I joined Steemit. Look forward to following you lead.

Gregory! My SteemIT is approved - Thank you so much for turning me on to it! Much appreciated!

Grey mannarino yt banner.jpg Hi Gregory, I took a moment to make you a banner for your YouTube channel. If you like it you are free to use it as you please. If you are ever in need of graphic or motion graphics or your subs I need work:) [email protected]

Thank you blackswans9999 I gave you an upvote:)

A pleasant acquaintance! I follow You. I need this knowledge.

Thanks Greg keep up the good work:)

I do have one question that is nagging me. I do think you are on the money with your thoughts on the higher etchelons and there desire for total control. with that said.
If this market is manipulated, which we know it is. If those in control have a game plan, which I suggest they do; otherwise duh! We see that the fear factor is swinging around and people are starting to understand and see that this is going to crumble right?
The nag is they want to completely fleece, so this market at the appropriate point will do the opposite on a huge scale? It's gonna go through the roof.....??? Its a nag... what you think?

Greg, speaking of turning sheep into lions, have you seen this guy on Howe Street Radio?

he is driving into the ground this supposed $100,000 drop in the YoY average price of a home in BC canada.

Didnt know if you had any thoughts, I know you dont talk housing very much, but this info comes from the state and sounds like it could really be a crack in the web of financing that bubbled these houses sky high in the first place. thanks!

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thanks to Gregory for helping me go contrarian.

I was lucky enough to have a bit extra the weekend you're Evolution System was about to go away forever & got to purchase it, so I have the tools now I just need the ammo lol. Looking forward to this Steem thing & hope it provides some ammo to use. It's high time I get to rip the face of this market instead of being faceless. Pay back's a bitch eh ;)

I like the Alexander The Great reference here!

Greg, interested in purchasing some crypto currency.......whats the best way to do it in your opinion??

Hi Mr Greg..i have been watching a lot of your videos until you brought me here. Your post is always inspiring..hopefully one day i can reach your level !!

hi greg , just recently joined and was elated to see u here. follow u on greg hunter s usa watchdog , u guys are great! i would encourage everyone to pay attention to the 2 greg's !

Thanks Greg, I have been following your wisdom for a few years now and you gave me a lot of inspiration.

I am very happy to hear that!

Welcome to the club!

Great to see you here @marketreport, welcome to Steemit!
YouTube just keeps on sending more and more people here! ☺
Steem on Greg!

Thanks for the word on steemit.

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