What I learned from my First Post on Steemit - Part I

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Well, I crafted my first item for Steemit and pressed post. My internet connection was very slow so when I got a red error message I thought it was a time out issue. So I tried again and then again...several times...but the same error message came up. 

Hmmmm.....! I then went and had a  sandwich and a ponder.

I returned to my computer after an hour to discover that my post had actually been posted, despite the error messages IN TRIPLICATE! 

Its now nearly 2AM on a Saturday morning in the UK so you will undertsand that this is a short post to edit one of the triplicates so that no one thinks I'm spamming the system with identical posts. 

And that wasn't the only problem with this newbie's first attempt at being a Steemian. I'll tell you about the rest in the next post, which I am sure you have guessed will be the editing of my third triplicate post.

For anyone who commented on this post and can't understand why it has changed, here is the link to the original post you read,




p.s what I learned is that you can't delete posts on Steemit but you can edit them.



Welcome to Steemit, Niobi!

Yes!!! Steemit is one of those places! Places that will allow you have use your creativity, have fun, and make ends meet at the same time!

It's the Steem revolution, and I'm glad you've joined us here.

P.S.: I'm also a fiction writer, will be looking forward to your stories!

Thanks petermarie. I'll take a look at your stories, too

Helen Keller : Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

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