Welcome to Jeff Berwick's New Personal Channel

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Hi all, you know me here on Steemit as @dollarvigilante. There I have the biggest following on Steemit with over 6,000 followers and have been writing nearly daily for almost a year straight. And, of course, we post all our Dollar Vigilante content to Steemit first, before even our own website, even despite the SEO hit it gives to our website... Because I love and support Steemit.com and want to see it continue to succeed.

But even though I write so much for The Dollar Vigilante I actually have a lot more to say than just about finance, economics, politics and cryptocurrencies.

I experiment in my own health, spirituality, psychedelics, travel and much more. And I decided I needed a place to express these thoughts from my own personal perspective.

And what better place than Steemit!

So, I'll be posting here fairly regularly with whatever thought is on my mind on that particular day.

Lately it has been health related and giving advice on how to step outside the matrix. And, I particularly like talking about these things while walking my anarchist dogs in the fourth most dangerous city in the world, Acapulco, Mexico.

Here is my latest video on that entitled, "How To Achieve Perfect Health and Create Your Own Reality... It's Easy":

If you are into this kind of stuff feel free to follow me here! And let me know what topics you'd like to see me discuss on my daily walk with the dogpound!

See you soon!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wow ! Jeff , i would love to get some personal advice from wise man😏
especially about health and mindfulness
i don't wanna sound awkward here
but i think you should change your first Tag to > introduceyourself since it is hottest one in introductions
Sincerely Nick. let's connect guys.


Good catch, thanks! Will do!


It looks like you really know what you're doing @jeffberwick, that's crazy how you have the LARGEST Steemit following... now I know what it takes! Thanks! followed and upvoted @mirage and @jeffberwick. Keep it up!


Here are some tips from you str8 from Jeffs vids.

  1. Drugs
  2. Steroids
  3. Coffee enema.

Just check his older videos and you are like a newborn.

Hello Jeff.
I really love your latest youtube clips on health and all.
It is really a part of becoming free. I knew you would come around on do something about your health. It always made me cringe when you smoked and drank wine. Of course it made me laugh but I also thought... 'this man is so spot on all other subjects... only needs to get the health part right'.
Anyway. I just wanted to say you were/are an inspiration on the path of becoming more free.


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That's great to have you here sharing your personal life besides sharing finance, news and cryptocurrency. I am sure many Steemians would be very interested in the personal life of the famous dollarvigilante.


Jeff you are a true legend been following TDV since 2011. :) a true celebrity of the crypto world

I'll be following. Good stuff.


Awesome stuff indeed.

Great looking forward to more posts, will watch all vid later.

@jeffberwick we got to say young jeff
Great this way you can give us more feed back of your knowledge for the new starters. Let the followers follow you with your new journey again :-)

Keep talking about the cures for cancer and disease. We can't enjoy our steemit if we aren't healthy. You got the platform to get the word out. Like cannabis. See link.


Thanks for what you've done and are doing to get the word out.


Thanks, I actually have an Anarchast coming out on Monday where I interview Erika Harris on cannabis and curing cancer. Of course, in the past, I have also interviewed Rick Simpson on it as well.


Awesome. It's just trying to get your hands on the stuff here in the states. It's crazy what they are doing to keep people from knowing about this. Thanks Jeff.


Glad you're on the right track with your wife. Thanks for sharing this. I had not heard of Rick Simpson.

Lets connect Jeff! You and I would enjoy a chat :D I am new to steemit. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted and following.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I was wondering why are not posting your 'walk' videos on Steemit. Love to watch them. P.S. Hey people, I'm anarchist, follow me...My blog is about anarchy and everything about it. Jeff, give me some upvote, only pennies for me so far...


Great idea @jeffberwick
It's good for people to get to know this side of you too, you have a lot of good advice about how to quit the 9to5 and just start Living instead of being a debt slave.

for families that are stuck in debt, in a house they can't afford, there is a way out, we did it 4yrs ago and have never felt better. Here's our story (old post)

Cool! Definitely want to hear more on psychedelics from you!

Welcome to your personal steemit account @jeffberwick. I had been following you ever since you made that glittering intro post almost a year ago and been a witness for your huge growth in the platform. Its just so amazing what this platform could do to its members.

Welcome @jeffberwick
We'll get you to 6000 followers in no time... :)

Hey @Jeffberwick

It ia good to see your effort . I am really impressed with your hard . It is realy good to see you that being aged person you look like young . I am very much impressed and inspired by you . I just joined steemit 3 days ago and I can see that people like you producing a valuable content for begineer.

I made my First post about my introduction with title My Name is Sophia Olive If you get some to get in touch with me it will really really apprecited .

Warmly Thanks To you By Sophia Olive

You Can See me Here


Welcome Jeff. Good idea to have silos for various interests. Makes a lot of sense. Glad that we'll get to see more comments in other areas in addition to the finance, economics, etc. Cheers!

Welcome to Steem @jeffberwick I have sent you a tip

Amazing blog! Steemit really does work. Dollarvigilante is one of the best websites also to know about BTC's. Upvoted.

Check out also BTC tips&tricks posts

Great to see you here Jeff! Follow your other page for a while now and watch your YouTube channel all the time!

Welcome to Steemit! You nailed your introductory post!


Here's some links that may help... https://www.steemithelp.net/


Upvoted and Following you

follow mithrilweed.png

Found dollar vigilant by cryptocurrency. Stayed for the spiritual discussions ☺️

Beautiful view there Jeff. I am following

Thank you @jeffberwick for everything you do and for always exploring the truth. You're the reason I'm on Steemit (I even mention you in my #introduceyourself post - here, if you'd like to read it https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@princessmewmew/welcome-to-the-jungle-princess-mew-mew-is-on-steemit#comments)

I have purchased silver, gold, bitcoin and now Ether because of your recommendations.

Thank you for everything you do! ✊️


Same here, reason I joined Steemit is all thanks to @jeffberwick been watching him for the last 3 years, also got into crypto because of him. Should have listened to him much earlier, would have been rollin in the bitcoin today :(


Hahah, that is hilarious! Shampies :) There is still time, and there is Ethereom to roll in


Yeah I'm tottally into Ethereum, Bitcoin is like gold and Ethereum is like silver!!


I fucking love @jeffberwick and @dollarvigilante

But thanks to you @princessmewmew for putting some effort in and getting us on Steemit


Pleasure! I love you!

Great post Jeff. I watched one of your first videos you did when Steemit started. You are right about the doctors and big pharma, (giant cartel).
You wanted to know in your video today about if there is a sports star eating the right way. The one that comes to mind for me is Tom Brady, 5 time Superbowl winner.
You are right about you create your own reality. You are what you think!
You are fortunate to have a large following.
I'm new on steemit trying to build my following.
I will follow your personal channel
Thanks keep up the good work.

Hey I'm now following you. DOLLAR = TOILET PAPER!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


awesome @jeffberwick followed and Resteem

Wait. Psychedelics?! Please tell more!!! 😔

I could get into this. More laid back that TDV and over a wider range of topics? Sounds cool, man. Can't wait to see what's coming on this blog.

Awsome !!! Following

Hi, Jeff.

I wonder if you ever heard of e-cigarettes? As a passionate smoker for 25 years, I kicked the habit 2 years ago without any suffering from nic withdrawal.

Just a thought you might like.

Hey Buddy, @jeffberwick , ive been following your channel and listening to your advice for a couple months now, i was super down on myself and was seemingly unable to escape my student debt and had no prospects for the future, but im starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, slowly im getting more and more comfortable and putting in lots of work to be happier/healthier.

thanks for the continued inspiration, id love to play some music with you one day.

(your friendly neighborhood philosopher )

You need to do a video on psychedelics!

Good job Jeff!

David Carter is a VEGAN NFL line backer!!!!



Cicadas = June Bugs. Dr. Morse is great! Iridology is really cool too!


No 16K$ for this introductory jeff 😅

My name is Victoria. I'm from Czech & I live in London, UK. I recently being interested about cryptocurrency, so i found this community (steemit) and i think that is a great place to learn, share knowledge & earn $$ ^^ :) So i'm happy to be part of this community and share all what i know.!
i will be blogging about : online business, startups, marketing & cryptocurrency .

Follow me to see more :) @victorialuxx

Very good advice on health and diet. Thank you. Following.

I welcome you to the colorful world of steemit! You will definitely get a whole new experience from all the wonderful people in this community.
Also feel free to check out and follow @dhingrapranay15 for posts on lifestyle posts and good passage of time.

Hi, Jeff!

Nice to see these videos on Steemit :)

Topic: How to get rid of the FED :)

"Your word is your magic wand." Have you read Florence Scovel Shinn or Joseph Murphy? Those authors wrote a very long time ago, but what they say are timeless, universal truths. People should never say "I can't afford...." either because then they will never afford anything.

Jeff, I listen to you and I feel like you are speaking the story of my life. I regained my health, lost weight, quit drinking, quit a lot of things and more......witnessed the mainstream industrial medical complex kill my mother. I am living everything you are talking about. "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone."(Blaise Pascal) That quotation has always stuck with me because it applied to me, so I fully understand what you say about traveling away from home.

Idea for a possible topic: Our weaponized food supply.

I'm really looking forward to your videos. You have important, helpful information to share. Thank you.

Sup, Jeff!? If you have any vegan questions, hit me up! I've been vegan almost 10 years now so have a lot of experience. Good luck with this new account. Sure you'll smash it on this one too!

I was wondering when you'd start posting your health/mentality info here.


Seemed obvious to do so, eh Heidi? Unfortunately, I never figure out obvious stuff very quickly. :P

I follow you on YouTube, love your videos they are very informative. I always look forward to your new videos. I just joined Steemit as well. Looking for to seeing your blogs! I like the fact that you post informative content. We need more people like you to change the world. You've inspired me!

Big fan here.. love your dollar vigilante videos but I really love watching your daily walks with your perros ☻♥ you are a big inspiration.. Please follow back ♥

upvoted and following!

Yay new page! Welcome to steemit haha.
Why second page??


Because the TDV stuff is my work related stuff.. I point all my clients to it. This page will be for my personal stuff. Like to keep the two separate.


oohh that's why. That's fine by me as long as you are here with us! :)

Nice post ...and keep making that good mentality at the same time lets get rid of the greedy government keep up the good work Jeff the great 😎🤙🏼

the most important to be healthy is to wake up early ☺

Interested to hear/ see/read what you have to share!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Love your work, Jeff ! Thank you for all that you do and I really enjoy your videos, blogs and content you consistently create for us all to live a better life. I've been going deep down the Bitcoin and Crypto rabbit hole now for the past 6 months and it's been the most exciting and liberating technology I have ever discoveded in my life.. I am very excited about the future of crypto!


Glad to see you splitting these up, as always, followed!

Loving you videos about general health, you are quite the knowledgable guy Jeff! Might have to fly down and buy you lunch if I'm ever headed that direction! That is of course to talk about Steem! ;]

Keep walking Jeff

Welcome ;D

Can I speculate a little.. is this really you or are you cat fishing the steemit community :D

Wellcome @jeffberwick! Love your videos! Un abrazo desde españa amigo! :)

Hi Jeff. U are a big inspiration and I cant wait to se what happens next :0) now followed an upvoted. Thx for being u and for inspiering so many people.

You had me at psychedelics ;^D

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Nice view of him..photo is pretty

and that is life...!!!

Welcome to the side of posting anything and everything you want! It can be quite liberating.

Jeff... really enjoy all your work on YouTube...big fan. What do you see for the dollar "transition" ? Do you see a slow progression or an overnight "lock the banks" -- here is the new dollar and fend for yourself?

Welcome to steemit mate! Be sure to check out who to follow to get a head start! Steem on!

I'm guessing you are a big fan of Arnold Ehret. As a fellow sinus sufferer I discovered his book about 18 months ago and never looked back.


Yep, changed my life. I'll be talking a lot about the mucusless diet here!


Jeff, you posted a video about ten days ago about how people should give it all up and move out of the country. I was inspired by every second because I have that same speech to my older brother about ten years ago, then eight years ago, then five years ago, and two years ago he finally listened. He was in a dead end job outside of Los Angeles and lived paycheck to paycheck.

I paid for him to live in Thailand for 45 days, and for a teaching certificate as well. The message was - use this chance to get the hell out of the US before things go bad, be happy, no stress, etc.., etc..

He is now the happiest he has ever been teaching elementary kids English. He works 25 hours a week, is saving money now, stress is gone, sleeping again. I just got him to join Steemit so he did his first post today. He got his teaching Visa for another year and could not be happier.


Me too. Although I morphed from his diet into a combination of The Bulletproof Diet and Dr. Gundry's Matrix Protocol. Neither of these guys like fruit the way Ehret did. I'm surprised you don't drink bulletproof coffee as part of your intermittent fasting routine. That coffee is the highlight of my day and won't interrupt the fast.


As you said in your video, there are jobs around the world. Well, there are thousands of teaching jobs all over Thailand. If someone has a college degree then they are in the top 10%, but you can get a job without a college degree. I keep telling people who are in worthless jobs and stressed or not happy that they should pack it up and go teach in Thailand. Teach English, buy crypto's and post on Steemit. Be happy! but 99.9% of all people are too scared. They would rather be depressed and in debt than take what they perceive as a risk.


By the way, I live in Thailand as well and run my business from here.

If you ever wanted to stay in a five star resort then let me know and you can stay here for free for ten days. I own a few condo's that I Airbnb as a side business. You could upvote me in the future after your stay :)

Just wanted to confirm that your video was spot on and my brother did it, 10's of thousands of other can do the same thing right now.


Mucusless diet really helped me with my perception about today's society. I started perceiving more and more of the crooked ways our lives had been governed to our early death. From living arrangements, to economical enslavement, to our social life that's revolved around going out and drinking. After I started my eyes had been opened up from about 30% to about 100% so much that it was overwhelmed by the light, coming out of the cave and darkness they put us into.

6k following seems so much because steemit is still relatively new. Give it a few years and it will be like Twitter ;)

I want 100k followers by October.


Keep the posts coming, looking forward to them @altcoinusa

Great to see the behind the scenes life of you Jeff instead of all the serious crypto and finance talk. You're one of the reasons I found this place 11 days ago. Now I can finally have a place where I can showcase my art and video and generate some $$ even if it's small amounts atm. Look forward to here and see more of the other side. Welcome once again to Steemit ;)

Yes y do.

Jeff, I'm just an idiot when it comes to "cryptocurrencies". I feel like the old lady in the insurance commercial pasting pictures on her actual wall. "That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works." Can you break down "cryptocurrencies" for a person like myself so I can explain it to my also confused and baffled and befuddled husband. We like the idea of getting away from "money" but "computer money" sounds like something from The Jetsons to us. We're like, "WTF???" Ok, so, cryptocurrency for very old people with less elasticity in our brains would be pleasant. (Yes, I understand that diets help with the brain thing.) But just a explain it to someone from 1929 and doesn't know how to use a computer yet kind of basics. Not that we don't but just because my brain is that confused by this. Please don't insult me or make fun (I think I pretty well covered that myself).

what's up dollar vigilante in the house this is your good friend James D seeing what's going down your part of the town. Get at me.

Hi Jeff, I've been watching you as DollarVigilante on YouTube and I don't always agree with EVERYTHING you say, but I do agree with MOST of what you say. At a minimum you are certainly and interesting dude and I look forward to what you'll be posting on your personal channel.

@jeffberwick In February you did a video with Josh Macin. In the beggining of the video you mention of doing a juice fast for a week.

Could you go into detail what that juice fast consisted of?

@jeffberwick Great walking with you through the streets of such a dangerous city:). Great to hear you speak about health etc. I am smiling as I listen to you speak about topics that I do not hear many speaking about. Looking forward to lyour future post. Following for sure.

hello I so happy enjoys with you


Nice to see a fellow psychonaut and lightspreader here ^_^ Keep up the good work, looking forward to your future posts!

First - thanks for introducing me to Steemit! I was listening to your youtube channel when you started talking about it!

Second - I think our food thoughts are right on par! I'd love to send you some of our all-natural, gluten-free, no binders or fillers - seasoning blends! They are perfect for how you like to eat and cook! Message if you'd like and I'll send them out!


Cool Jeff, looking forward to reading and watching about your personal experiences outside of the usual stuff you normally talk, wich are great too.

Welcome Jeff, I get a lot from your posts @dollarvigilante.... looking forward to @jeffberwick too

Good for you, I look forward to your thoughts and esoteric experiences. You have created a wonderful reality for yourself. ;-)

Looking forward to your new channel! As a newbie, I intend to post about my journey as I begin developing documentaries on the empowerment of women around the world with the belief that men and women can stand strong together, but I'll also be posting fiction and topics of personal interest, like my family's connection to an infamous serial killer and a royal family. Lots of love, @aescholer

I always thought you would be a good motivational speaker and I can see I was right! I always enjoy you vigilante posts, but I think i'm more excited for your future posts on this profile!

Cool. It will be good to read your posts outside of TDV. Followed

Hi Jeff. You got me onto Steemit. Thanks for all that you do. Following. 😎

You're the reason that I am on Steemit. I'll be following.

Good job, Good stuff.

Wow congrats on having the biggest Steemit following!

Great video!

Jeff, I enjoy your reminiscences on FB. Maybe I can catch some of your content here instead.

Today was my first day on Steemit Jeff. Came here on your advice and glad I did. The idea of your personal channel is great news. As an AnCap Psychotherapist (we're like hens teeth) I look forward to hearing your thoughts on spirituality, mindfulness, and living life outside The Matrix! Your talk at the infinite man summit in London was incredible so if that's anything to go by, this content will help a lot of people. Greetings from Ireland Jeff!

More about psychedelics. ayahuasca?

Hi Jeff, I have a question that isn't directly related to this post, but is quite relevent. I am curious as to where you go for your current news. I am befuddled as to where to get good news relating to all of the insanity going on these days. I can sift through reddit, and if I look at the news tag here I'm seeing stuff like, "Will Connor McGregor Get Knocked Out By Floyd Mayweather?" Who cares? I want to know what the forces of evil are doing on a minute-by-minute basis. So then I'm forced to take a quick peek at the master-brainwashers (CNN et al) which is scary.

I think you might enjoy your post on consciousness, new tech, etc. Saw your videos on Youtube, great stuff man!

Welcome! I enjoyed one of your earlier videos in which you discussed exercising, fasting and eating fruit and salads; that is my experience as well. I have found minimalist, non-competitive running to be very helpful, viewing a range of different media on youtube and simply listening to be people to all be helpful as well. Good luck and there are many who have appreciated your points of view over the years. Cheers.

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Good Luck