How quitting smoking can make me a millionaire, introduction

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Good day to you all.

Well if you think the heading sounds unrealistic, you should look forward to what's in store once this story is completed!

So for reference this post is actually my first social media exercise of all time, and first time I have put pen to paper for a long time.(excuse all grammar mistakes!) As you can see from the heading I have an addictive personality, so as such I always hid away from Facebook, Instagram etc. Since stopping smoking I stumbled upon Steemit and I have found posts which have been highly informative and based on subjects that are of interest to me. So with that in mind I thought I would attempt some posts of my own. Along with this topic I will try and post some information on other material close to me, ie golf, family life, psoriasis and maybe even addiction therapy.

So how do we go from stopping smoking to being a millionaire?

Easy, first you listen to Jason Vale's stop smoking app!

So for those of you who still smoke or ex smokers who still crave one every now and then I cannot empathise just how amazing this app is. For 20 years I have been a heavy smoker and never thought I would be able to see a day when I could envisage myself as a non smoker but through this app and Jason's dedication to the subject I now know that I never have to smoke again!

So for those who have never heard of him, Jason Vale is known in the UK as the JuiceMaster, (although I smoked I do eat well!)Anyway whilst reading through another one of his apps I found out that he used to be a stop smoking counsellor and spent many years studying addiction. With these skills he put together his app and wow what a result. I believe he has now helped 1,000's stop and it has been so easy and enjoyable to do with his help, especially as the app is also free!! I wont give away the secrets on here but if you are stuck in the nicotine trap then please do give it a try and get your freedom back.

So onto step 2!

I figured what better way to spend the money I used to light up than to invest into the world of cryptocurrency.

With my new found freedom, time and extra cash I spent some time looking into Altcoins and was amazed at what I saw! The gains these currencies have are staggering. The big question that crossed my mind though was, is this just the beginning? Is it a bubble about to burst? Will we see an increase in use and will cryptocurrency become the currency of the future and get as big as asset or national currency? Does the world need the currency or will the blockchaining tech be enough, can they live without each other?

All these questions are currently above my pay grade, but here is what I do know while the world decides Altcoins fate. Asset currencies are based around their worth, a kind of go to currency when the markets look bad. Its very unlikely to ever drastically drop in value as no one is going to turn around and say gold is worthless, currently gold has a market cap of circa $7trillion. National currencies are all built around trust, the more you trust the people/person running it the more the currency is worth, note that there is no market cap for these currencies as its too hard/not possible as too great a value. Cyrptocurrency currently has less than 2% of the population using them, they are very much being traded for a quick buck at present and with no proper fundamentals ever discussed this makes for extremely volatile prices. Add the fact we can still note their worth through market caps I came to the simple conclusion that they are in their toddler stage!! The simple fact regardless of tech whilst the prices are still so volatile they have a long way to go before Joe public will accept them as a currency and unfortunately those who really believe in the tech and how it will shape our future also want to make a lot of money out of it. So until proper fundamentals and larger coverage of use becomes more apparent, I see plenty of upside with the correct coins especially as we start seeing 2% usage become 4% become 8% etc. I look forward to finding more and more about what they all have to offer and how they will change the world as we know it.

So how do we pick which coins to go for when every one is chasing the big winners and not even talking about basic fundamentals? Well we keep it simple and look for little clues into charts prices and what the coin has to offer. At the end of this month I will make my first purchase and run through my thought process, alot will also depend on which coin represents the best time to buy in. Please note XRP wont be included for several reasons but mainly as I already invested a month or two ago as my wife is a banker(she wants to change the face of banking so enough of the boo's already!) and XRP is all that is talked about so that was a no brainer, plus they kind of are a centralized decentralized coin!!! Bitcoin and Ethereum will also be ignored as I will look to find other money to invest in these two monsters seperately.

So onto the important part, the numbers!. As you would of noted so far I keep things very simple, most people, myself included find getting your first taste into the cyrpto world very daunting, keeping everything basic is the easy way around this. There is always someone who can analyse content much better but keeping things as simple as possible makes you believe you can achieve great things. From valuations and when to buy in to how to invent yet another Ben 10 game with your 6 year old son. The plan is for the coins to nuture over a 5 year period.

Some basic crude math will give us a yearly amount from stopping smoking:-

365 x 1 packet of 20 ( 365 x 5GBP ) = 1,825GBP

Lets add a 200% gain for first year investments.

1st year gains= 1,825 x 200% = 3,650GBP

Lets say you get better over the next 2 years.

2nd year 3,650 + 1825= 5,475 x yearly gain 300% = 16,425GBP
3rd year 16,425 + 1825 =18,250 x yearly gain 300% = 54,750GBP

Then add in a great 4th year.

4th year 54,750 + 1825 = 56,575 x yearly gain 400% = 226,300GBP

And finally lets add in a final year of compounded gains.

5th year 226,300 + 1825 = 228,125 x yearly gain 450% = 1,026,562.50GBP

Realistic? Why not, I have seen first hand the power of cryptocurrency trading and so my journey begins intoIMG_6351.jpg studying all the Altcoins out there and I will look to make a new purchase once a month. We all know the power of compounding and the Altcoins are proving that over and over again at present. I shall carry on studying over the course of the month and will return with a first purchase.

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at posting and I look forward to connecting with people on Steemit, it looks like a great platform to get started. I welcome all feedback and any pointers to good content on the above topic.

Enjoy your day.

Edit. I have no idea how the upvoting system works yet!!!!!!


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Hey @dukexox this was a nice first post! Great for you to have been able to overcome smoking. Looks like you’ve got the right idea about using those savings to invest in something much more valuable. I believe crypto currency is on its way to becoming the new dollar. We all know the dollar bill will eventually fall and be worthless. I’m just glad we got on board at an early stage. I’m thankful my husband and brother did their research and started investing early. I hope you do well on your journey here, I’ll be following you along the way ;)

Thanks for the comment @crosheille it certainly has potential and is not going away any time soon. It will be an interesting watch in its battle with the powers that be. I look forward to all the new tech that awaits us in the future as well. Happy investing

Absolutely! Happy investing to you too :)

This is a good motivation study.

We all need motivation from somewhere

Hi, Dukexox, In case this has been your first Introdusemyself Post i'm here to welcome you to Steemit. I hope you have a lot of fun here and you may follow me. Have a great time @rightuppercorner

Thanks @rightuppercorner I shall do just that.

Welcome to steemit !! You look like an amazing writer!!Hope you have a wonderful time on steemit ☺

Do follow me for fun content!! @imhiteshgarg

I wouldn't go that far, I shall take a look.

Welcome to join steemit.
In addition to being a medium that can generate wages, here we can also share stories, life, experiences and other useful things, therefore we must support each other.

Since you just joined the steemit community, it will be difficult to receive many upvotes so you have to be patient with it and not stop to write.
Good luck here and continue to work. thank you

Thanks for the info @s2k, it looks a good platform I am very impressed. Sure I will get the hang of it all in no time!

Hello my british friend, great having you here with us, that is a very long and explicit post,well done keep the good job! @darius1993

Whuddup! You are a new member so I'd like to offer you my welcome. Have an upvote and keep up the good work!
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Hi @dukexox.
First of all - Welcome to Steemit and enjoy it here.

Really good post and strategy on the altcoins. I upvoted you right away. I have a similar strategy on investing in these. However I am also in this phase so hopefully you will not experience it too soon :-)
Check my post on altcoins
Waiting for your altcoin to return to grow trend

Thanks @jammer2k much appreciated.

Seems the way to go for risky investments. Don't want to fire loads of money upfront before I really know what I am doing or can make the right choices.

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