Greetings from Chile!

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me on beach

I've been on here for a month now so I guess a proper introduction is long overdue. Since I've already posted much more in-depth pieces about certain aspects of my life elsewhere on Steemit already, I'll try to keep this one short. Links to the others are at the end.


I'm the eldest of seven and was born in the middle of the Canadian prairies.
My parents were poor christian farmers and despite their efforts to raise me to be like them, I was not. I loved logic and reason and hated hypocrisy. I thirsted for knowledge and longed to get off the farm and go out to explore the world. Needless to say, I found myself at odds with my parents at a very early age and ultimately left home at age fourteen. Between then and now, I worked at a honey farm, a lumber mill, a restaurant, a landscaping company, a marketing firm, an art gallery, a restaurant, and a hotel. I Moved to California and then to Vancouver where I played in five bands as a drummer, produced live shows, and volunteered for the Libertarian Party of Canada to learn firsthand what a waste of time politics really is.
By 2013, I was ready for a revolution. I was ready for bitcoin.

I was living in Vancouver when bitcoin fever struck. My friends and I preached the gospel and actively helped people get on board. I organized speaking events and social gatherings to promote it in the community and by the end of the summer, I was awaiting delivery of the biggest, baddest, miner on the market. In November, it arrived and in ten days, it had already paid for itself. Life was good but I've never been one to get too comfortable.
I was ready to look for my first real home.

To this day, if you type "world's first bitcoin" into Google Image Search,
my picture is the first result. It made it all the way to around the world
to the front pages of newspapers in China.

I had seen a new community project in Chile being advertised as the first place in the world to accept bitcoin for land. It caught my interest and I moved down there in the spring of 2014. It turned out to be a scam but I was able to salvage the situation and apply what I had learned to the task of founding a new community elsewhere. The scam had revealed a demand in the market for such a place and a lot of people were very disappointed to see it fail so it didn't take a genius to spot the opportunity there. Some friends of mine that I had met at an entrepreneurship bootcamp called me up and offered to assist with the founding and development process and shortly thereafter, we were set up on the beach, working on the new Fort Galt project together. Since then, we found the perfect location, bought the property, developed the plans, hired the necessary experts, and gathered a great community of invested members. We're currently at the permitting stage and expect to be building later this year. In the mean time, I'm living in Valdivia with my girlfriend, who was one of the first people to join the project upon its launch.

Last month, one of our members, @onceuponatime, came to visit and introduced me to Steemit. Needless to say, I'm very glad he did.

Gabriel Scheare

If you'd like to read more, here are links to some other related posts of mine on Steemit:

-Early years & Psychological Development
-Childhood, Power Dynamics, and Finding Sanity
-My Expatriation and Entrepreneurship
-Video: My talk at Exosphere about founding and developing Fort Galt
-How I found Steemit

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Wow! Really interesting story, it's amazing to find out all these crypto stories, as someone who is very new to the scene, it is really heartwarming to hear people changing their lives through digital currency.

I can't wait to hear more of your stories and will check over your blog, I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions.

Muchas Gracias :-D



Thanks. It's still very early though. Cryptocurrency is gonna change pretty much everything :)

I have to congratulate you on the courage it takes to peruse your dream after such (should I call it disappointment?) most people would give up after such a monumental fiasco, not your fault or the staff's or the costumers, but still, most people retreat and never dare to pursue their goals again.

You stayed and now you're creating your community. Something that a lot of people can benefit from.

I remember I thought that when you were posting about the legal process, due diligence... in, almost two years ago if memory doesn't fail. I thought these guys are doing it right!

Glad to see that Fort Galt is moving forward, and good luck for the future!

As I said, what you did took a lot of courage, soI wish you guys all the success you can get!


Thanks man. Maybe we'll see you down here before too long.

Found out about Fort Galt through your posts on steemit and have watched several of yor youtube vids. LOVE the concept and watching the implementation. Hoping to make it down to Fort Galt to see it in person eventually. Wishing you much success!

Great story, glad everything worked out in Chile! I'm currently living in Valparaiso myself, and met a sweet couple from Colorado here a few days ago that introduced me to Steemit. All the best!


Cool! Come and say hello if you ever journey down south!


To you as well!

Oh man, I miss chile soooooo much! I lived there for 10 years in Valparaiso, best years of my life and what inspired a lot of my artwork

Interesting read. I'm the eldest of seven As the first of 8, It's great to have you here. Enjoyed reading your posts.


Yeah, I imagine that large families can be great when the parents know what they're doing. lol Good to meet you. :)

Enjoyed your story!

P.S. You look a bit like a young Clark Kent in the picture at the top :-)


lol Thanks

Bienvenido y felicitaciones por el 7-0

@piedpiper Your story is very confidence building. I remember when Bitcoin appeared they began using it at bars but because it was so new and unfamiliar, I backed away from it. But now to hear that it's doing well is great to hear. I hope your project does well. 🌟

Very friggin awesome @piedpiper! Say hi to Tanisha for me!


thanks, I will!