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Hey there @whatwillbe, welcome.

It sounds like you have some cool stuff on offer and if you tag it correctly here you'll start to gain some attention. I've been around for a while, not a big account, but someone who has grown it organically and my best advice to someone starting it is...


Of course, great content is also important but by engaging with other users is the best way to expand your circle and attract the right people. Going to other peoples posts and commenting with valid and relavent comments will put your name in front of them and when they check your work out they'll see something interesting hopefully.

Also, responding to comments on your own posts with cursory one word remarks doesn't inspire interaction so if someone comments to you it is worth taking the time to add a few words, be nice, thank them and inspire a bit of dialogue. Simply saying "thanks" is another way to go of course, and you'll receive interaction commensurate to that effort I suppose.

The thing to remember here is that you never know who you're talking to, or who they know. Checking their wallet to see if they have a few steem is not a great indication of their value.

I don't mean to overstep the mark here, but as a content creator, not as cool as yours though, I want to help others just starting out. You can ignore all of this of course, it's your choice.

So, good luck. I hope to see you around.


I appreciate the advice. And I'm beginning to comprehend people like their written word here. Most other sites feel like they put a constraint on what someone is going to bother reading, and I'm not just talking about Twitter.

I'll be happy for the change found here.

(Delay in reply due to recharging)

Words are valued here, but not by all. I like to write and engage with others which is why I enjoy it here, others just post memes, most of which contain poorly written text such as:

"your"* instead of YOU'RE which is a pet hate of mine. Lol.

My suggestion to people is to have fun, write about what they're interested in, write with personality and passion and engage a lot, with validity, on other people's posts. That's the best way to build a brand here. (Oh, and reply to comments left on one's posts like you have.)

No worries about the delay, the time difference around the world often means I'm sleeping when others are awake so I'm used to it. (Im in Australia.)

Have some fun, put all monetary thoughts aside and work on building relationships and your brand...That's when the reward will flow.

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