Hello from an Earthling!

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I am Saiyasodharan (you can call me Sai)

I am from Chennai, India, Earth, Sol System, Milkyway galaxy.

Being a multi passionate person, my interests are huge. Some of them are Space Science, Games, Anime, Philosophy, India, Zen, HTML5, Open Source, Startups, Game Development, Free thinking, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Decentralized systems, etc....,

Inspiration: Goku, Naruto, Elon Musk, Gandhi, Vivekanandha, Carl Sagan and many more.

My Goal :
In this coal/oil era of Carbon emission, life a simple life with minimal carbon food print and do something big about it in future.

Current activity
Trying to build a Social network, GrassrootsApp, for those who question the Status Quo.
It's in super early alpha stage with a minimal scope of Non Profits and Volunteers. More to come in future.

Random stuffs about myself:

  1. Loves Adventure. Goes Cycling, Hiking.
  2. Unschooling myself and forming my own version of Truth
  3. Loves all Animals, except Insects. My relationship with Homo Sapiens is mixed.
  4. Huge Carl Sagan fan.
  5. Easily disturbed by any news on Climate Change
  6. Self proclaimed lonely masturbator
  7. Been blogging for ages @ saiy2k.blogspot.in
  8. Very recently shaken up by Bitcoin, Cryptos and the Idea of Decentralization it all promises. Looking forward to a Radical future.

With Doggy.jpg
That's me!


Welcome to Steem! Hope you have a pleasant journey in this amazing blogging platform.

welcome saiy2k,,,, and good luck

Welcome to steemians family. You are multi talented person.
If you select your life as vegan lifestyle, it will also help to achieve your goal "life a simple life with minimal carbon food print and do something big about it in future."
I like your profile very much.

Thanks. Yes. I am in the process of switching to Veganism.

That's nice.

Welcome to steemit:)

Hey Sai welcome nice dog, I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post on the bottom is link that will teach you then after you make yours enter the contest to create mine. click here https://steemit.com/contest/@isteemithard/design-isteemithard-a-profile-picture-avatar-contest-6-winner-of-5

Hey @isteemithard. Thanks for the comment. Updated my Profile Picture now.

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