Come SteemNova 2!

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SteemNova is one of the most popular and interesting games that the Steem platform has. We have probably the best engine in Ogame style, we still have a lot of players, we are an Open Source project.

SteemNova 2 is a project to breathe more life into SteemNova, so we can do better, faster and more reliable!

This project is of course based on two years of experience in the possession and development of the SteemNova project.

What does SteemNova 2 introduce?

  • SteemNova 2 will be a combination of the improved version of SteemNova and MirkOgame, the Polish version of the 2moons engine for
  • We want to introduce a lot of small improvements that will make people want to play - a system of events like "Heroes: Might & Magic" or manual Events, which will be rewarded in Dark Matter.
  • Dark Matter as a premium currency will be exchangeable on the free market for games and other IntinteDAO services. Additionally, it will be possible to exchange it with other players.
  • We are working on a new look (unfortunately it is not finished) for smartphones.
  • We are better than Nextcolony ;)
  • Compared to the competition, our project is Open Source, so we support the free software movement (of which we are fans).
  • Much more!




SteemNova is one of the most popular and interesting games that the Steem platform has.

Hahahaha, lol

Nah. We had ~350 active users, while Nextcolony has ~1400. Of course these disproportions are large, but:

  • We've been on Steem a lot longer than Nextcolony
  • We do not have high rewards (although we have a better gameplay :P)

I have always liked this game, the only thing I never liked is the user interface of the galaxy screen, if the galaxy map was changed to look more like the NextColony galaxy this game would be perfect.

As far as Dark Matter, it would be fine if you made it a trade able token on either SMT or Steem-Engine, but the only way to get it would be through deep galaxy explorations and through questing, attacking space pirates or some random events like that.

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Опять всё заново строить...

The old game instance is still available under the domain

Habe mich mal direkt da angemeldet, hatte schon einen Schock das es komplett vorbei ist

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