Interview with Literary Artist ~ Aishlinn/@trucklife-family- Part 1.

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The idea for this interview was birthed when I read these words from Aishlinn’s post that you can read in its entirety here:

“We, are all on a journey. Where that journey takes you is up to you, you always have a choice. You can follow others and walk down a path that has already been taken, or you can carve your own way.”

Please take a moment and enjoy this awesome interview(that will be posted in 4 Parts) with our very own Steemian Aishlinn~@trucklife-family


1. Aishlinn, (@trucklife-family) Why do you feel storytelling is important? And is there more you would like to add to what you said in your Steemit Vision Quest Post on Storytelling?


I am a big believer in the power of words that when we share our stories, our intentions, then we unleash the power behind them out in the world. Stories are a gift we can share, that we can share with one another.

It is something that unifies us all. And right now we need to be united. There is far too much segregation in the world today. We are all storytellers and we all deserve to be heard. So much happens in the world that is unjust and it continues to happen because of silence, a silence that has been fed by fear.

When we open up and speak our truth, then we bring light and we bring awareness.

This is why Steemit has the potential to do so much good, because it helps to bring people together, so many different communities have been created already.

Communities that are supporting their members, helping them to be heard, sharing wisdom and skills.

Community is so important, yet really lacking in some places in the world, so to be apart of this online community is so inspiring and so exciting.

When I think of all the people I get to connect with around the world, people who have sent me love and healing, that is so empowering, because we are creating a huge web that is empowering all the people that are connected to it.

This is how Aishlinn describes herself, which gives us an even closer look at this Powerful Woman.

I am a wild woman,
I am happiest amongst the trees.
I am a passionate woman,
A woman who cries when the time arises,
A woman who smiles when her children run Free.
I am a nomadic woman,
I like to roam and move about.
I am in flow, I get to watch myself grow

I am spiritual woman,
I create rituals,
Celebrating life and family,
Celebrating the Earth.

I am a quiet, silent woman,
Free to be who I am,
Not trying to please.

I am a woman who fights for birth,
for everyone to finally feel it's worth!
I chose to birth freely,
At home,
Embracing this wisdom my body knows.

I am a protective Mother,
Protective of my way of life.
Protective of the fact that my children get to choose,
The path they want in Life.

I am a human,
In this beautiful planet
I celebrate the seasons,
I celebrate rebirth,
I respect and honor our mother earth.

I am a walking, breathing, screaming, emotional being.
I express my freedom however I want,
led only by how I am feeling.

This poem is an excerpt from @trucklife-family 's post that you can read in its entirety here:

All Proceeds From This Post Will Go To Aishlinn for her Co-Op/Women's Collective, which is called "Weave To Empower."


Wow Thank you so much @rensoul17, I really did enjoy the questions that you asked me and it is real nice to see it now come to life, thank you for all that you do for the Steemit and TribeGlobal-Love community xxx

You are welcome @trucklife-family and thank you, your work on this platform is powerful it has helped me grow tremendously. I am so busy these days and I don't get to make my rounds, but I do keep up with you even if I don't comment as much.

It is lovely to see a woman I admire so much on steemit recognised by another woman I admire so very much as well.
Great post.
I look forward to reading the next ones.

I love Aishlinn and her writing talent so much, what a great interview!

love you too Niina xxxx

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This is motivating post who want to crave their own part. Looking forward to the second part.

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Thank You @positivesteem, just posted part 2.

A very inspiring words.. Especially for people who want to create their own happiness. But nevertheless I have some questions about what she said... @trucklife-family
What does she mean by.. I created rituals??
And secondly what does she mean by " I celebrate rebirth "?
Thank you.

Hi @victordaniels, I like to create ceremonies or rituals which celebrate the seasons, also known as the Celtic Festivals, I also create and hold mother blessings, family blessings, naming ceremonies, handfastings, women's circles. I believe it is really important that we celebrate all the major transitions we go through in life.
By rebirth, I mean when we go through huge change within our lives, including life transitions, i.e becoming a parent, an adult, coming out of a relationship, coming out of illness, things that make us look deeper within ourselves and make us shed the things we no longer need. We are meant to do this every year just like in nature, to travel deep within ourselves over winter and reflect and manifest and create anew in the spring. That is what I mean by rebirth.

I hope that answers your questions and sorry for the late response xx

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